Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Mt Shasta in January 2015
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eureka Crab Feed at the Elks

We caravanned up with Phil & Toni to Eureka where we stayed at the Moose Lodge.. even though the “Weekend in the Redwoods” was hosted by the Elks lodge of Eureka. There were quite of few people camping between the Elks and the Moose. Rudy & Faith were at the Elks. Some were at the local hotel (Red Lion), Lynn & Larry and Rich & Judy..
We saw our new friend Dave that we had met at Lewiston Lodge at Thanksgiving! Dave is a riot! He really loves to have fun! So that is why we love him and he love us! Nice to have new friends!
Gayle & Rob at the Moose along with some of their friends.. Really had a nice group again this year!!
Every day was an adventure.. Of course Toni & I could have felt better.. Toni and I had a dam cold that kicked our butts pretty good.. Enjoyed the evenings mostly.. However we did do a couple of day excursions.. Thrift store shopping one day.. another day we went to Ferndale and went breakfast
Mike & Maryann stayed with us in the trailer. They arrived on Thursday and we all (Phil & Toni, Mike & Maryann and us) stayed till Monday.. What a great time we had!
Weather was?? wet for a couple of days.. but we made the best of it..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day with the Rick Boyd’s Kids!

High light of the week and the last big day we have here while visiting in WA.. I gotta say these “Boyd’s” can do most anything in all kinds of weather!! It was drizzly and cold.. burrr..
Phil & Kristy just bought a house with nearly 5 acres.. I think they went halves with her parents??.. GREAT property! Two homes lots of out buildings barns, garages, etc.. Great property for raising a family! Phil & Kristy hosted this evenings events.. All the kids and their kids were invited.. I made up a big pot of spaghetti sauce and noodles along with pre-baked ribs, some avocado dip, etc.. Not that there wasn’t a ton of food! Margee, Kristy’s mom is a wonderful cook too! She made some shrimp pizza (to die for!) along with some other dishes (can’t remember).. So much wonderful food.. This family will never go hungry, guaranteed!!
Phil/Kristy and their two boys, Margee/Larry, Jess/Teresa and their 2 little ones, Janelle and Caddy, Ron/Suzie, Rick/Lynn and Maddi and of course us, it was so great seeing all of them!.. of course there wasn't enough food!! OMG! We should have invited the neighborhood!!
Phil got a bon fire going out back.. Papa Rick went to the store and bought stuff for s’mores.. Smile Great PaPa
What a wonderful night to end the weeks events.. Sunday is planned to be a quite movie day as we will leave to come home on Monday..

Sunday morning woke up with a sore throat and cold.. good day for couch and movies..
Monday we would leave to come home..

Packed up and left for home on Monday,, Got home Tuesday 1/6/15

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dinner with friends Dieter & Gayla

Really Dieter & Gayla are so wonderful to work with our schedule when we come for a visit.. Seems like I changed our dinner date a couple of times then went back to the original date.. Smile Thanks guys for being so patient!!
Dieter & Gayla love to entertain, kind of like me.. Smile
Gayla’s table was lovely..kisssm kisssm

Washington visit 160

Earlier in the day Rick, Ev, Jess and Dieter had gone golfing.. however it started raining ice cycles so they only played 9 wholes..

Both Dieter & Gayla were cooking madly when we arrived.. Everything looked yummy and tasted even better! We had cocktails and champagne and wine.. It was a delightful evening..
Dieter cooked up his infamous bacon wrapped scallops!! My fav!
We had some delicious country ribs with potatoes and some of Gayla’s home grown and canned green beans!! A nice salad great company, great evening!! Thanks Guys for a wonderful night! kisssm[23]

Right after we arrived Gayla wanted to advertise her new lip gloss from Mary Kay so she gave the boys all a little kiss on the check and left her mark.. cute.. kisssmkisssmkisssm

Washington visit 157

Next bunch of photos are Girls just wanna have fun.. They guys were sleeping on the couch in the living room (watching foot ball, oh yeah right)..too much golf earlier I guess..

One more thing I need to share.. Dieter built this little bridge over their pond in the back yard from a tree on their property.. isn’t it cool??
Washington visit 269

Love you guys!! kisssmkisssmkisssm

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Day

Oh just call me a sucker for punishment!! LOL..
I had bought some steaks for us for New Years day.. However in the meantime I had said to Rick, “wonder if Randy & Amy” would like to come over for dinner”, this was a couple days prior.. Smile
And of course New Years day was a bit sluggish if you get my meaning..?
Dinner consisted of some of those yummy potatoes with onion soup mix, shrimp salad, steaks, mushrooms.. yummy yummy..
(Lynn had to work most of the day, so this was all on me..)
I set the table nice.. and got all the food prepared and was already by the time Randy & Amy and Lynn got home.. It was great having a nice intimate party that evening.. However I was pretty well ready for bed by 8pm.. Felt bad that I wasn’t worth a darn! But too much party the might before!!

After everyone left Rick and Ev went out to start the burn pile on fire.. Rick slipped on some ice, thinking he had broke his elbow and wrist.. Ev said “wait don’t get up, let me get a picture”.. LOL
Rick got up and he was ok.. thank God!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve with the “Cuz’ins”

It’s already been a great couple of days! Rick is such a great brother.. don’t tell him this stuff it will probably go to his head! Bless his heart, he made plans for Ev and I and himself and take his motorhome to our “cuz” Randy & Lisa’s place to celebrate New Years Eve!!

Washington visit 060
To our surprise more family was also there! Cuz’in Colleen and her husband Jim.. Smile Just had a grand time! Randy & Lisa’s two kids were also here! What a fun time!!
We had ribs and I brought some lasagna, tons of appetizers! More food than any one could ever eat!
Oh and I need to let you know that brother Rick only had 4 drinks all night!! Check it out with this pic!! Tell me what you think? at least 5 don’t you think? This was early in the evening too.. LOL Usually Rick wouldn’t be caught dead with his glasses on.. hehehee

Washington visit 101
That was probably one of the best New Years Eve’s I have ever had! Thanks to having a great family!! Love you all!!
The next day (New Years Day) was a bit rough.. not enough sleep? ok..Smile

Washington visit 064

Now if wasn’t enough Randy & Lisa hosting this great party.. Then they feed us breakfast in the morning!!Washington visit 130..


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday the 30th with Ron & Suzi and family

Tuesday was Ron & Suzi visit day. They just so happened to be babysitting their newest members of the family Jaxson and Knox. Cutest little boys about 4 1/2 months old.. Handful for sure twins, really? lots of work!! Season & Angie’s son’s!!

Washington visit 013-2
We got to visit a little while.. soon we were on our way shopping.. It was Ron’s birthday on New Years Eve and daughter Meg had invited us for dinner that night (the 30th)..
In the meantime Rick called and invited us to lunch with him and Lynn.. So we did some shopping first then met Rick at the “Firehouse” in Orting, WA for some delicious hamburgers!! You know what? How hard is it to make a fabulous burger? These people have it right on!! The best hamburgers ever!! Awesome job! I know there are many places that can screw them up, so if you know any place that really messes up a hamburger, tell them to take lessons from these guys!

We got Ron his present, so we were ready for the nights festivities.. Of course Lynn couldn’t make it, she had to work the next morning (she gets up at 1am and then work by 3am, ick)..
When we got to Ron & Suzi’s, it was great to see everyone!

Washington visit 050

Meghan and her husband John had driven up from El Paso to surprise the family for Christmas!! What a wonderful Christmas Present!! This was our first time to meet Meg’s husband John and truly is a dar’lin man!!

Washington visit 051
Meghan cooked up so tex-mex enchiladas/lasagna.. It was very good!
We also had a wonderful surprise from our brother Rod, that were weren’t sure we will going to see while visiting!!
We had a wonderful evening visiting with everyone!! Love my family!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Travel Day December 29th WA here we come!

OMG if you can believe it we got up at 315am to leave very early on Monday morning the 29th so we could do the whole drive to WASHINGTON state to where my brothers live around Orting/Graham area!! We made it in 14 hours! We arrived at brother Ricks about 6pm.. aww.. what a long ass day driving!! Hey our fuel bit was so cheap!! about $70 to drive up there one way!! The whole trip was about $180!! Thankfully the gas prices are so cheap!..
We were pretty tired by the time we arrived at Rick & Lynn’s.. A good nights sleep and we would be on the move again!
Mt Shasta below

Washington visit 304

Sunday, December 28, 2014

After Christmas Party with the Bechlers!

The same day we got a surprise call from Ev’s brother Chuck saying they would like to stop by and visit. We also got a call for an impromptu party with Eric & Twilla that late afternoon!!
They were the host and hostess with the mostess!! Eric and Twilla decorates more than me if you can believe that one! Actually not so much inside, but the outside is beautiful!
We had a lovely few hours with a great group of people..
Thanks guys for having us!! WE LOVED IT!
Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day with Ev & Linda 2014

Another GREAT Christmas with family and friends!!
As always we have our gift exchange about 2pm on Christmas Day.. Then the dinner is served!
Thankfully everyone is great at pitching in and helping bring food and getting it served! We served Turkey/Stuffing/Ham/Sweet potatoes/mashed potatoes/ gravy/green bean casserole/zucchini casserole/fresh homemade bread from Lee & Laura/crab salad, too much food!! Oh and dessert as well!! OMG!
I do believe we had 16 of us!! and two big tables and one small..
Everett/Linda, Lindsy/Chris/Colin, Cheri/Ali, Jeff/Cesar, Lee/Laura, Janet/Bob, Carrie/Jason/Peyton. Smile
We had additional seating just in case.. Smile

Our Home at Christmas 2014 013

Our Home at Christmas 2014 005

What a wonderful Day.. Oh so my favorite holiday.. Smile
Love all my family and friends so much! Happy you can share this lovely day with us!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Moose Christmas Party December 20, 2014

Our Moose Christmas party was a long time work in progress. We started planning our party in June of 2014. That is when we called to book the “Charley Baker Band” out of Petaluma (I called and booked him). We were lucky to get a date of December 20, 2014. I would have liked to have had this party earlier in December..?
We worked on getting things planned out. I was the person in charge, mainly. I am pretty good at designating… Smile
We had the “flyers” (I made them up) up in September advertising the Christmas Party/Buffet, thinking that would help sell tickets early. Didn’t seem to be the case. It was a hard push to just sell the first 50! Didn’t seem to make much of a difference by putting the flyers out early. “Charley was our big draw”.
Did a deadline of Dec 3rd to get tickets by (I made the tickets and got the advertising done), otherwise price would go up by $10.. Oh well that strategy didn’t really work.. We ended up selling the second 50 after the deadline and kept the price the same. We were hoping to have a good head count for the prime rib that were going to have to purchase. That didn’t work out so well.. It all turned out lovely anyway!
Everett and I did most of all the shopping. Tina covered the cake for our dessert! Tina & June also did all the twice baked potatoes!!
A special Thanks goes to our cook of the prime rib, Gil Roux.. He cooked them all to perfection!! I was the official meat slicer!! For our buffet we served a little over 100 people on 3 whole prime ribs!! <<this was a “buffet” all you could eat, not take home! Suzanne was pretty much in charge of the salad bar.. she did an awesome job! We had paid dishwashers that evening which was nice..We cooked 7 prime ribs ( I said we only needed 4).. too much obviously.. we ended up selling 3 whole ribs $90 each.. Not sure what happened to the other one?
All in all I do think everyone had a fabulous time!
Charley sang to all the ladies as he does so well..Everyone danced their night away.. Great time by all..


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookie Exchange at Gayle’s!

This is the second year that I have had the privilege to join Gayle with her Cookie Exchange!
Gayle is so entertaining.. She is so sweet and creative. She has wonderful stories she shares of Christmas’ long ago..
We always have a wonderful “dinner/snack”.. delightful really..
She buys lots of pretty flowers and has us all arrange them in unique containers.. So fun! We get to meet new people and gather with fun and creative women.. Smile  Just love this girl!