Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Pacific Ocean/Mendocino Feb 2016
Update: March 6th, 2016.
After a very very long year of learning to live a new life with my most recent handicap. I am getting movement in my arm!! :) It started the end of August and has been progressing, slowly. My issues with paranioia and depression are also getting better. I am confident that things will continue to progress. However, loosing a whole YEAR of my life is devastating to say the least. However, keeping a positive attitude for the most part has been a huge challenge, but I do it. I am grateful to all my family and friends that have been so encouraging and helpful. Thank you..

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Candi & Mike 40th wedding anniversary, Candi's 60th birtday

We had a GRAND time at Candi & Mike's Saturday night May 21st!Thank you guys it was fantastic..
Good time was had by all.. At least I know Ev and I had a great time!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The perfect ending to a wonderful vacation..
Mother's Day with my girls and all my favorite grandchildren!!
We had alovely brunch at the Villa in Santa Rosa..
Love you all bunches and bunches!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kauai April 14th-May 5th 2016

We arrived at Lindsy's the day before we left. We needed to be at the airport at like 6pm or so..
Yes we had to get up in the middle of the night.. :(  Suffering for a few hours was a small sacrifce for what was upcoming.
We landed early before noon in Kauai at Lihue! :)
Click on the photos below to view all photos in that group... Then below that you can read what I had to say at the bottom.. However a picture is worth a "1000" words..

Hawaii April-May-2016

Snorkel Trip

Waimea Canyon Hike
Michelle Visit

Thursday, April 14, 2016
We arrived early that morning at the Lihue airport.
There is Lindsy, Chris, Jeff, Cesar, Maryellen ( Jeff's Mom) We all hustled to get our luggage then off to get our rent a cars!!
Then off to Costco , Kmart Walmart etc. got groceries. 
Checked in kind of early to our room. Got situated. Of course we are all exhausted from no sleep and now dealing with 3 hour time change.
Jeff was the chef of the day. Teriyaki chicken while Lindsy did rice and we did salad.
I didn't quite make dinner. Fell asleep.
Of course falling a sleep early on Thursday night, I was awake at 2:30am. And up for the day 😅.

Friday, April 15, 2016
Making the best of it we were both up and waiting for the sun to come up so we could go for a walk. 6:15 we left the condo for a lovely walk along the beach on a blacktop surface. The sun was rising and many people enjoying the same beautiful colors and clouds and sea. Breath taking  
We walked about 2 miles returned to our "home" here on Kauai ..
We enjoyed a nice home cooked breakfast of bacon & eggs.
We drove over to the western part of the island poipu, where spent a few hours sun bathing and just enjoying the ocean and swimming. We got to see a monk seal and a couple very large sea turtles. 
We then drove up to spouting horn to view the spouting of ocean waves coming up under the rocks. Making the noise of a "horn" ..
Jeff again was the chef again for dinner. Tonight he finished the chicken he did not cook last night along with some very delicious scallops!!
We all met at Lindsy & Chris condo across the pool from us for "Happy Hour" .
Great dinner with great friends an family. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016
This morning we did a bicycle ride of 10 miles!!!!
There were Lindsy, Chris, Ev and me. Our ride was all along the coast along Kapa'a Town up the coast north. It was so fun. A little rain a little sun. Perfect for riding bikes.  We stopped had light lunch at a road side wagon. Yummy! So good tacos!!!
We returned the bikes..
Did an afternoon rest.
Lindsy & Chris cooked a great dinner. Tri-tip.  Jeff & Cesar provided sides. Had cocktails.

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Today is storm, warm and windy.
We took a ride to Hanalei and beyond.
The day was relaxing and adventuresome. Great Day.
We also did "Date Night" at Mariachi's. For some tacos and margaritas.
We walked on the beach before dinner in front of the Marriott.  Lindsy & Chris were having dinner at "Dukes" for their date night.

Monday, April 18, 2016
Today we hung out at the condo.  We did the usual timeshare presentation.  Got the $100 free dinner gift certificate. Then just hung out on the beach on a chair with a Ebook.  Dinner again provided by Jeff.  Cooking delicious special recipe hamburgers   .
Too much fun after dinner. Sat up at the bar at the pool for a couple hours. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Today we spent the day at Poipu in the sun on the beach!!
Then we cooked a great dinner tonight with Italian sausage, veggies, bow tie pasta, Alfredo sauce.  So yummy!!
We all had a nice time again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Shopping day. Got some good deals at Macy's. Getting ready for my trip to Honolulu tomorrow to see my niece Michelle who is going to have a baby soon!!! :) We are going to Tree's tonight for celebration on Jeff's birthday. 

Thursday, April 21,2016
Surprisingly waking up this morning feeling pretty good after last nights party for Jeffs birthday. Neither Ev or I slept well. I am sure due to the alcohol consumption.  Uuummm?? Whatever, still thankful that I am feeling good for my trip over to Honolulu to see Michelle.
Lindsy & Chris were headed home today..
Michelle picked me up at the airport blessed me with a lovely lei. 😍 she had some baby shower invites to drop off down by the Waikiki Marina. She visited and introduced me to some of her friends and past co-workers . Soon we were on our way to her home. Their home is on the southwest side of island. Their home is a work in progress! Remodel. And still had time for me..
Met the family. Zach, Michelle's boyfriend, so very nice! Zach's father John, his girlfriend Donna, all so welcoming. Wanted take them all home with me!
Zach and Michelle had a nice evening planned aboard the 26' sailing boat moored at the yacht club near where they live.
On our way to go sailing we stopped got some wine, beer and munchies.
It was a beautiful evening in the Kaneohe Bay with Captain Zach and first mate Michelle! Loved it!!
We retuned to their home before 9. Where we met John & Donna having a late dinner. Visited with them for a few minutes before retiring to bed.. What a great day. 😉

Friday, April 22, 2016
I arrive back in Lihue about noon. Ev picked me up. We went back to the condo. We gathered up our laundry and off we went to do laundry.
Soon we were back at the condo. Ate some lunch and went out and kicked back on the beach for the afternoon.
We had dinner plans at the Bull Shed with Jeff, Cesar and Maryellen.
Cocktails at 5 at the tiki bar here at islander on the beach.
We had a very nice dinner. Delicious and the view was lovely.

Saturday , April 23, 2016
Took our morning 3 mile walk. Had breakfast and off Ev and I were out for the day.
We started out driving toward the the south side of the island.
We stopped at Captain Andy's sailing and snorkel where we will sail early Thursday morning April 28th to get time in place etc. from there we travel a little further south to salt/sand beach, where we settled for few hours.
About 230 we headed for Costco to pick up steaks/tri tip for dinner. Our turn to cook for the final night for Jeff's crew, as they were due to fly home Sunday.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I need to add more commentary to this trip.. will try and get this done too..
On April 26th, 2016 My brothers joined us for a fabulous 9 days! We were busy! :) and I loved every minute! This vacation was the BEST ever.. Had so many of the people I love most in this world with us!! Ok.. better quit now or I will start crying..

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter at Salt Point on the Coast

Lindsy and I made reservations about 6 week ago at Salt Point state park for 3 nights camping.
We arrived at the campsite late that afternoon. The weather was crisp and windy, no fog..
We got our camps set up, chit chatted, had dinner late.
Friday was a busy day..Lindsy & Chris cooked breakfast, Had breakfast burritos.. yum..
Jamie and the girls came up to visit us for the day. We colored Easter Eggs, did Easter baskets.. Kids had fun..

Our day on Friday was pretty eventful. We took a drive down to Stump Beach, of course we all missed the turn.. Finally all got there, did a little walk and then headed back to camp. Our our way back there was an accident just as we turned into park. A guy on a motorcycle rear-ended a women and slide his bike under her car.. He seemed to be ok, however looks can be deceiving. From there we drove down to the waters edge through the park. We were all hiking around looking at the seals and just enjoying our surroundings. When all of sudden we saw the reach helicopter coming in for a landing.

The guy from the motorcycle wasn't doing as well as they had thought, so they decided to take him by REACH to memorial in Santa Rosa. Hope he will be ok..
After waiting an hour or so before the helicopter could take off, we could then drive back up to our camp.
It was a really fun day with all kids.. Ev and I really enjoyed it.. :)
Soon after we got back to camp, Jamie and the kids packed up and left for home.
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2016-3-25 Good Friday
Friday night Lindsy & Chris made a lovely dinner.. ummm tri tip..
We were early to bed that evening.
Saturday I made breakfast and we all ate inside. It was still very crisp and windy. We had our breakfast and soon Kim & John showed up. Shocked that my brother-in-law John was actually staying over night with us in the trailer!! :) He isn't really the camping type. But? He did great! A real trooper! He even took walks with us! Overall I do believe he enjoyed hisself!!
After Kim & John arrived we got them all settled in, and then all got in the truck and headed to Stump Beach once again.. This time we hiked down onto the beach..

From here we drove up to Gualala to check out other camping options for future camping trips.. While we were there we had a bit to eat in the little town.. Did a little shopping and then back to camp.
My night to cook, we were having ham. Kim & John headed up the homemade scallopped potatoes.. Lindsy did salad and bread.. so we were good to go..Again we ate inside, too windy and cold outside..
Really had another great day..

Sunday/Easter morning we all were up and at'im.. Got the trailer put back together, all of met up and did a nice long walk down to the ocean. John stayed back to watch over camp.. :) We probably walked a good mile 1/2 or so.. It was low tide.. This time we saw some grey Whales spouting. Pretty cool.. Kim and I walked back to camp so we could get our breakfast going. We had meats from tri-tip/ham/sausage to cook. Along with fruit/eggs/etc.. Really a feast!
Sunday/Easter was the only day we ate at the picnic table.
We got it all cleaned up and were ready to leave by about 1230ish to head home. It was a really fun weekend!! :)

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Sunday, March 6, 2016


I have been having quite a time trying to update my blog. Seems Live Writer (editor program) I was using to write and post my blog is no longer doing updates to their website and thus? I am unable to use the program to post on to this blog.. Its confusing.. So am I these days, confused. Now the new system I am using seems to be a big challenge to me. I am getting it. However, there are many steps that I need to take before it all gets here.. Don't want to bore you with the details..
I am hoping with in the next month or so that I will have caught up most of what "YOU" have been missing about Ev and I. I am using the blogger dashboard to post with.. It doesn't have the options that I would like. For instance the "font" is very limited, the size of the "font" is small, med, large, largest.. Pretty basic..
Being that I am creative, I like to be creative here too. As I said, very challenging. Hopefully after sometime of use, I will be able to master this new and simple format. :) LOL

Monday, December 21, 2015

Love these Guys-Christmas Time 2015

We always love being with our very special friends Jim & Shirley Walsh.. Just love these guys!
Some of the memorable times have been spent with these guys.. Love them so much!
We are celebrating Christmas time in these photos below.
We started out at Jim & Shirley's lovely home and from here Jim drove us to our ultimately best restaurant Rutherford Grill in Rutherford/St. Helena.. Yum Yum..



Sunday, December 13, 2015

Swesey Annual Christmas Party December 12th, 2015

Another GREAT party at the Sweseys! We were entertained (Karaoke) by wonderful friends Dave Mallow and lovely wife Terry. We had approx. 75 guests this year! A wonderful amount of friends!
Just love all of our friends..
In most recent years we have had to expand out into the garage to accommodate all the people.
This year I did a little something different., we had a couple of games. One was to guess how many Christmas Trees were displayed "in" the house. I had counted 90. The winners were Mary Potter and Heidi Aragon. The other was to guess how many lights on the main Christmas tree, 680, Pam Rowland won that one.. And so the night went on..
Click the link below to view all the photos..

Swesey Annual Christmas Party 2015

Or click this link>>


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving week at Lewiston, CA with friends!

There were 4 rigs from here that were meeting at the Lewiston, CA Moose Lodge. Phil & Toni, Lee & Laura, Gayle & Rob and of course us.. Most of us got there on Monday before thanksgiving. Rob & Gayle arrived Tuesday.. We all had dinners together most every evening. Phil & Toni hosted most of the dinners.. They had the most room.
The weather was cold, burrrrr….. Monday night it rained pretty good and snowed on the mountain tops. Then as the week progressed it got colder and colder, down as low as 17 degrees on Sunday morning when we were packing up to come home. we dressed warm every day.. Long underwear, and lots of layers.. still we managed to get cold.. fires and blankets next to the campfire..
We met people that were there from last year too. It was fun to see familiar faces. Tom & Jeanne, Patty, Rachel were the camping group. Dave the admin at the Lodge is a GREAT guy.. Always goes the extra mile to make sure all is well. Met his lovely wife Karen this time! They were busy working most of the week.. We go to say “hi” & “bye” a few times..
We had a GREAT week.. In spite of the “cool” weather, we took long walks, took long drives looking over the lakes and rivers. We went thrift shopping over to Weaverville one day.. fun time.
Thanksgiving was in the Moose lodge hall. I do believe they hosted about 125 dinners plus!! The volunteers did a fantastic job! Great food..
Toni & I signed up to do the craft faire in downtown Lewiston the day of the “Bridge lighting” and fireworks show!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Evening with Friends

Ev and I invited  friends up for dinner on Wednesday evening.. We had Scott & Carla and Ben & Julie up for Pork Chops and Scalloped potatoes, with veggies.. Had a nice visit with everyone.. Fun evening..



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Visit with Auntie Aleen

This was sort of an impromptu visit. Called her the day before and asked if she would like to go for lunch? And she said she would love to.
Ev and I left here mid morning on Wednesday.. Drove to Stockton and met Auntie at Applebeas for lunch.
She was sitting waiting for us.. She is so sweet.. Auntie Aleen is about 92ish? Birthday in December. My cousin, her daughter Reba and her husband Clay moved to Wisconsin about 18 months ago, due to work. Auntie is moving back to Wisconsin in Spring to live with Reba & Clay.
I haven’t been a very good great niece because the last time I saw Auntie was about 18 months ago. Life happens. I am going to try and go see her at least every other month.. Stockton is about 3 hour drive for us. So it is 6 hours round trip. However, she is totally worth it. I probably won’t get to see her once she moves east..
Auntie Aleen was married to my maternal grandmother’s (Eunice Williams Frazier) brother (Buckley Williams).
We had a lovely lunch then went to her cute condo and visited for a little bit..
It was a GREAT day..



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lunch with Chuck & Judy..

Seems as though Ev and I are impromptu people.. We called Ev’s brother Chuck and wife Judy to join us for lunch in Vacaville the night before we wanted to meet them at “Mel’s” for lunch.. They said “ok”.. so we are on.. Smile 
We were down there dropping the trailer off at Camping World for some “adjustments”.. uumm.. another wasted trip.. not a total waste.. We got to meet up with Chuck and Judy..
Always fun to have lunch and catch up..


Monday, October 12, 2015

Fun with Colin and family/friends!

A few weeks ago Lindsy asked me if I could come take care of Colin while her and Chris went to pick up their trailer that had been up at Lake Davis for the summer.
I arrived on Thursday and planned a dinner with Phil & Toni at Lindsy’s house. I made Fried Chicken with mashed taters etc..we had a nice evening.. Phil got creamed on the wii with Colin in bowling.. guess Phil needs to practice some.. Smile
Friday afternoon Colin and I went for a short visit to the Brooks place..

Friday night Colin had baseball practice and I had planned a get together with friends. Kim, Sharon, Traci, Jeff & Cesar..
Had a really nice evening.. fun times were had by all..



Colin had a game on Saturday at 3pm.. they don’t keep score, but I am sure Colin’s team won.. Smile


Lindsy & Chris got home late in the day.. I made a pot roast for dinner and enjoyed Chris & Lindsy’s company for the evening.. Smile

Monday, October 5, 2015

Collin’s Lake with Phil & Toni..

Arrived at Colin’s Lake late Saturday afternoon.. Can never seem to get going? Phil & Toni had invited us to come over to Colin’s Lake with them camping.. However, Ev stayed home with the dogs and I just went over by myself.. I slept on the couch bed in the motor home Smile Nice of them to have me.. And feed me fro 2 nights! I didn’t take many photos, not sure why?
Met some new people Larry & Trudy from Nevada, long time friends of Phil & Toni.
On Saturday night we had a wonderful “light show” with the lightening 7 thunder.. Loved it.. and some nice rain.. Smile
Phil cooked up some wonderful skirt steaks.. never had them before and they were delicious!
Toni made me a nice breakfast for fishing.. I am now calling it
the “Brooks B & B” on wheels!! Smile
I only fished on Sunday morning with Phil for a few hours.. nothing.. seems like I am getting skunked a lot this year!! Next year gotta be better!!!! The lake is so low.. it too is a reservoir.. OMG so low.. maybe about 40-50 feet down.. scary!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Canning with Lindsy

Lindsy came for the day so we could “can” some salsa. Smile Her first time to do canning.. Salsa was very good..
She arrived about 11am.. and got started! We had so much fun!
So happy she could come for the day..