Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Mt Shasta in January 2015
Earlier this year I went through some major surgery, I had 4 disks replaced in my neck due to the negligence of several professionals. As a result I have permanent damage to the C-5 nerve that operates my left arm. My left arm is paralyzed. I am trying to move forward, which is very difficult.. As you can well imagine.. I am grateful that I can at least enjoy all the beautiful scenery that I always have. I am extremely limited in how much actively I can do.. I just pray one day I will get it back..

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Philosophical Society at the Riv

Had an absolutely fun day with our fun friends at the Riviera this morning.. We meet once a month the second Sunday of the month at 11am at the Riviera Hills Restaurant..

Got a few shots off this morning.. hope you will enjoy..

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Langtry Winery with Friends

Talked with Jim & Shirley early Friday morning and Jim let us know that there was going to be band at Langtry winery close to them on that Friday evening.. We decided on appetizers for dinner.. Shirley made up some Shrimp and cocktail sauce.. I did some egg salad sandwiches..
We arrive at their place about 4:30ish.. had a couple of glasses of wine and at the snacks and then we were off to the winery..
To our surprise was Milton, Priscilla, Teresa (Priscilla’s daughter) and her husband Joe.. They had already gotten a table, so we were invited to sit with them.. Smile 
We had a fun day! Chatting, dancing, enjoying the company at hand.. Music was fabulous!!
After the music was done, we packed up the party and went to Jim & Shirley’s where we had dessert.. We brought a cheese cake that Charles had brought for Ev’s birthday.. home made by Cee Cee a dear friend of Charles.. Everyone scarfed it up.. soo good..
We met Scott & Colleen and Spenser at the winery and so they too joined us at Jim & Shirley’s.. Spenser played the piano for us.. it was delightful.. A fun day by all..
Thanks everyone! Had a fun fun day!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Gillian turning 6 years old

Impromptu birthday party for Gillian turning 6 (our granddaughter)! Gillian’s big sis, Gianna, was injured in a bicycle accident the week before and was in the hospital for nearly a week! Thankfully she is fine..
All the girls, Gianna, Gillian and Gemma were so excited about the party.. They were all so cute.. We got lots of hugs! We so enjoyed the festivities!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebration of Birthdays at the Riviera/ Rudy Smith/Jim Walsh/ Ev Swesey

All of us have been traveling all summer and this was our first get together after a couple of months of not seeing each other. We thought it would be a great excuse to celebrate the “guys” birthdays.. Rudy first with July 14, then Jim July 26, and my Evee August 6th.. We also met some new friends! Fun people Andi & Skip..
Saw some long time friends whom I had not seen in awhile.. That would be Louis & Anita.. Smile So sweet.. I worked with Anita back in the 80’s in the “pink tent” doing flowers.. She is still just as beautiful as ever.. Louis is very handsome too.. Great couple!

The ambiance at the Riv was so lovely last night.. We were sitting out on the patio drinking wine, eating dinner, catching up on each other travels, dancing.. just real fun! Lots of wine too about 6 or 7 bottles? Oh Lord.. no wonder I had a headache this morning!
Today is going to be completely “down” day, you know, “movie day”..  Smile 


Monday, July 20, 2015

Lake Davis 7/17-7/19/15

After leaving Twin Lakes we headed to Lake Davis for a couple of days..We were a bit nervous thinking we might not get a place to park/camp with it being the weekend. We arrived and there a quite a few spots still available.. but by dark most were filled.. good thing we got there early..
The weather here is perfect.. not to hot and not too cool.. we did some thrift store shopping and some groceries.. We all headed down to the shore of the lake to take in some relaxation/swimming/fishing and meeting new people..
Saturday evening we had quite the summer thunder/lightning/rain storm.. Thankfully it was pretty dry when packing up.. Smile
Had a really great week with everyone! Thanks for everything!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Reno/Twin Lakes/Bodie 7/11-7/17

We started out on Saturday morning to head to Reno to meet up with Rick & Lynn/Phil & Toni/Mike & Maryann..
Rick & Lynn arrived before us at the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) in Reno.. Mike & Maryann couldn’t make it Saturday night..
We all hung out for awhile then went and had dinner at the buffet..
Fun time was had by all..

Sunday morning we went to Scheels sporting goods, its like a Cabella’s a bit cheaper maybe.. Smile Where Ev caught the big one at Scheels!


Horsed around Scheels for a  couple of hours then headed over to Mike & Maryann’s.. Rick & Lynn were on the road to Las Vegas and to other parts unknown.. Smile Phil & Toni followed us over to M & M for a brief visit then they were off to friends in Yerington. We would meet up with them on Monday at Twin Lakes.
We stayed at M & M’s on Sunday evening.. This is our own private bed & breakfast/dinner.. Smile They always wine and dine us..

Monday morning we hit the road about 9ish am, heading for Twin Lakes.. Phil & Toni were already at the campground when we got there.. We were all a bit disappointed in the camping arrangements here.. When we say ad for Twin Lakes RV resort we were under the impression it was a lot closer to the lake and we were packed in like ‘sardines’.. Oh well we decided to make the best of it.. And we did.. We got all set up (all spaces were back in and round like a wagon wheel). Then took a ride to actually see the lakes.. They were beautiful but difficult to get down to the lake.. As it turned out we spent no time on the lake at all while we were there for the 4 nights..
On Tuesday we hung at the creek across the road, Walker creek I think.. did some fishing.. Later that afternoon M & M came in and stayed with us in the trailer..

Wednesday we too a ride over to Bodie a ghost town just south east of Bridgeport..We also went down to Mono Lake and checked it out for about an hour..

Thursday M & M headed for home.. We on the other had decided to drive over to Buckeye Creek where we heard there was a Hot Springs..  Fun was had by all..

On Friday morning we packed up and decided to go over to Lake Davis at Portola, CA about an hour northwest of Reno..

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Parties Galore!! 4th of July weekend!

While on the road Ben & Julie Lawson invited us over for pot luck, music and fireworks party! It was a fun party!

Boat Parade with Gil & Christie


Day on the Lake with Gil & Christie..7/7/15


Dinner with our east bay friends! Frieda/Ryan and their guests!

Dinner Party at the Swesey’s July 8th.. fun times were had by all!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Home bound 6/28-7/1/15

Awe on our way home.. Left Quincy Lakes about 10am already hot.. We headed to the coast.. It was a long travel day.. We made it as far as Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.. We stayed in a koa for the night.. Then made it as far as Gold Beach, OR on Monday.. Found a nice little campground there..
Tuesday stayed at the Moose lodge in Eureka and home on Wednesday the first of July.. When we arrived home it was HOT! Very HOT all they way through WA, OR, CA!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quincy Lake, WA w/Rick & Lynn 6/25-6/28/15

Holy Cow it was hotter than hell!! 108 degrees for 3 days in a row! NO HOOKUPS! Too HOT! We arrived a day earlier than Rick & Lynn.. The kids were also suppose to come? Not sure what happen there except that it was probably too HOT! And way too many mosquitos and horse flies that all BITE!
We had a challenging time finding the lakes. We had only been here once before many many years ago.. Quincy lakes is located close to the Columbia Gorge in the eastern part of WA state…
When we arrived and finally found a place to park, there were a bunch of men that were “redneck/biker” type of men camped next to us.. seems friendly enough.. After we parked the trailer they let us know that they were going to have a bachelor party there that night.. eeccckkk…. well as it turned out I think they all passed our before midnight and never heard nothing.. LOL.. They were all mid-30’s and older.. some party guys they were!!
Next day the bachelor party guys moved out fairly early..
Rick & Lynn got there late afternoon.. We started our own party at that time.. Smile Then Rick plugged our trailer into his motorhome so we could have AC, it was so dam hot.. we stayed plugged in the whole time we were with them! Rick & Lynn used over a $100 in fuel running their generator.. thank God! it was a life saver.. Smile
We did enjoy ourselves in site of the heat! We did floaties and life jackets on the little lake.. Ev used his paddle board.. we ate good, partied hardy and just enjoyed each others company..
I think Rick & Lynn missed us.. we had been at their house earlier in the month.. Smile Love them both so much! Wished we lived closer..
Being that it was so hot when it came to leave and head home, we decided to take the coast home.. we had quite a long drive that day to the coast.. but well worth it.. Smile

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lake Pend Oreille/FARRAGUT STATE PARK/Coeur d’Alene

We departed Whitefish the 23rd of June and headed for Lake Pend Oreille and stayed at Farragut state park for two nights.


Lake Pend Oreille


We didn’t get to spend much time on the lake. However we did go through the Farragut Museum. Farragut was a naval base in world war 2.

Lots of interesting information that I had no idea that even existed.
Lake Pend Oreille is also secretive submarine base >> the lake is 1150 feet deep!!
We also went to dinner in Coeur d’Alene on lake Coeur d’Alene at the
Cedars Floating Restaurant.. Wonderful food! Service was?? could have been better.. We met this nice friendly gentleman from “Indy”.. Jim was his name.. He was in Spokane for business and just happen to be eating at the Cedars as well.. Nice to chat with him.. Smile Got an email today from Mr. Jim…


Enjoyed a lovely cocktail.. Lake Coeur d’Alene