Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Mt Shasta in January 2015
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Friday, June 19, 2015

McDonald Creek at Glacier Park

What a beautiful day this is! We kind of lolly gagged around this morning.. Ev went to Safeway and bought some maple bars for breakfast!! Smile Oh yummy! Love maple bars w/milk.. My first memory of maple bars were with my Grandmother that lived on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.. She took my brother Rick and I to the Bon Marche to have them with milk on several different occasions.. Love those things! Not so healthy, but every now and then it is good.. Smile
Ev also washed the truck.. Smile He is so good..
Ev and got a late start today.. I don’t think we arrived at the park (Glacier Park) till afternoon noon.. We did stop and ask for some good places to hike at the visitor center.. The “forester” suggested McDonald Creek.. sounded good to us..and it had a waterfall.. that was important..
We arrived there soon after we left the visitor center.. wasn’t very far.. we started on our hike.. and heaven forbid there was a sign that said to the effect “Grizzly Bear” area.. OMG.. These days things are different.. My fears are greater and my balance is not so good either.. thankfully as we started walking the trail there were many other hikers.. when we come upon them walking back to their vehicles and they were not running Smile we said to them I guess there is no Grizzly chasing  you? of course they laughed and went on their way.. The scenery was incredible.. Breath taking to say the least! As you will see in the scenery shots below..
Most of you know Ev and I can be pretty “chatty”, really? oh yes, for those of you that don’t know us really well.. hahha.. we met people that were moose members laong the trail.. we met a couple from Santa Rosa!! Small world in so many ways! Part of being on vacation for Ev and I is meeting  new people/sharing our life with them.. Its just important to us to meet people as it is to visit the places we visit…We love that just as much as visiting all these wonderful places!
Our walk today was so entertaining.. Its just as important to enjoy the people as it is the place.. The journey to get to the place you want to enjoy is also very important.. it is all about “detail”.. It all makes for a fabulous adventure! The journey, the people and the place are all part of making it such a memorable experience!
We hope you enjoy all the pictures too!!



Commentary of what the day will bring

Well today is the first day that I have done blogging since our trip started May 26th.. There has been so much I have and you have missed. I am going to try and catch up..? or not.. Smile 
We have been on vacation for almost a month now. I will try and post some photos even if there is no commentary.. or not..
Since my injury in late January, life has changed enormously! as you could well imagine..having a paralyzed arm is pretty devastating in so many ways.. You see me not using it and it ‘hangs in there”.. there is so much more that goes with it.. our life.. We both are doing pretty good as we try and keep a positive..
We planned a much longer trip that we were going to leave in March, that we were going to travel nearly 90 days.. but since the injury? Not with my injury it didn’t happen! I know for awhile I was on a pity party.. however a friend of mine, told me it was time for me to put my “big girl panties” on and get on with my “new life” so be it.. For the most part I try and Ev is always a trooper.. God Bless him.. I don’t know how I could have dealt with this otherwise.. He is my saving grace..
Just a little update.. My arm has made no noticeable improvement since my 6 weeks check up with my neurosurgeon! Yup.. pretty much sucks!~ I am 5 months out of surgery now on the 26th of this month.. Arm is showing a great amount of atrophy. Sad smile  Told Evee today he needs to take photos from the right from now on.. I still have some vanity.. I hope you enjoy our blog.. will try and update a little more.. Life has changed..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Red Bus Tour at Glacier Park

What a wonderful day with a great tour!!
Ev and I are not so good at being tourist sometimes.. Thankfully we had Glorianne and Stan as our traveling companions! Smile
Glorianne suggested the red bus tour. So I did some research and found that we could take a tour on the “red bus”. We 7made arrangements for this tour for Wednesday June 17th. Tour started at 9:30am. We are staying in Whitefish, MT so that was a 45 minute drive to the park.
We took the “Alpine “am” tour.. ended up being nearly 5 hours! What a great time we had on those ‘red buses’, ‘circa 1936’, they are wonderful.. and if you ever come here, be sure to take one of the tours! The tour is grand and so informative! And we had the best bus driver and commentary! Tera, she was fabulous!

P1020719Ev & Linda

P1020783Glorianne & Stan

P1020782Tera & Ev



Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day with Jim & Shirley

We made plans to meet Jim & Shirley in Ft Bragg earlier last week.
We were leaving our camp in Manchester to meet them.
We both arrived about the same time at Silvers at the Wharf.
We parked the truck and trailer on a nice long spot where we put the dogs for a few hours.
We had a lovely lunch overlooking the Noyo River. Just about the time we sat down the fishing boats are started lining up out at the mouth of the river to come in. It was a like a parade of fishing boats. It was bright and sunny, the water was a beautiful blue!

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Jim & Shirley as we always do! After lunch we decided to go to the “biker bar” Tip Top Lounge in Ft Bragg..

We had one drink there and then back to the trailer.. We also did a tail gate drink before us leaving to come home.. Lovely day with the Walsh's.. Love you guys!



Mothers Day Weekend at Manchester 5/7-5/10

Mike & Maryann invited us to join their group at Manchester on the coast for the for “the abalone” weekend this past Mother’s Day.
Nice to see the faces that aren’t so familiar. I believe our group was about 35-40 people. Divers as well as friends and family all come together for this special time..
Two different dive clubs join together for this special weekend. The “151” club (mostly retired divers) and then the “Douglas” dive club from Southern CA.. they have a heck of a long drive.
We arrived on Thursday along with Mike & Mary Ann.. There were some that arrived earlier in the week and others that joined us on Friday as well as Saturday. Thursday the weather was terribly windy, but bright and no fog. We weren’t so lucky the rest of the weekend. Each day we woke to fog and dampness and cold! Don’t think I have ever been so cold at the coast!
Each morning we mostly all do breakfast together and evening we have a pot luck. Friday night is pretty much a tri-tip cook-off between some the retired divers. Fun evening. Saturday evening is the Abalone Feed.. Divers go and collect the abalone (can be very dangerous diving)<<this is the  most work. Then divers donate abalone of what they collect so that all of us can enjoy the unique catch! Then the abalone are cleaned, sliced and pounded. Those that can’t dive offer with the cleaning and pounding..

Pete & Janice do an awesome job cooking the “Ab”!


Each day during the day we all split off into groups and do “our own thing”.. On Friday we went to the “Farmers Market” in Mendocino.

Saturday we hung out and took a walk from camp out to the beach.

We had a great weekend and spent time with so many nice people!
Fun times were had by all.. Smile

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fun in the outback with friends

We planned a little ride in the “outback”.
Phil & Toni got a new “side by side” and needed to break it in..
Doc & Pam and Ev and I went for a ride out behind our house. We rode out to Indian Valley Res..
I hadn’t been out on a ride since my injury.. Very challenging.
I rode for a little while my quad, then Phil relieved me and I rode with Toni in the side by side.. Smile
We had a great day! We rode about 80 miles round trip!!
woo hoo!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Few days with the Brooks

I had told Phil about some of the issues we were having with the trailer, like opening the slide and catching one of the cupboard doors and ripping it from it’s hinges! Fart fan not working, etc.. you get the picture.. He said, “No problem bring it down and I will fix it”! Oh cool!! Finally agreed on a date, so we headed down on Tuesday last week.
In the meantime Toni had posted on FB a cute little photo of their new puppy, Lacey and Mary Ann fell in love with it and made a comment and before you know it, Toni invited Mike & Mary Ann to come and visit too!! Smile So there was a crew..
For dinner the first night we had Barb & Lucas (Phil & Toni’s daughter and grandson) and Lindsy, Chris and Colin over for tacos.. It was a nice evening..
The next day was work day on the trailer.. While the “girls” went downtown “Thrift” store shopping.. Great day.. Smile
For dinner Mike Mohoff cooked up some lovely fried RIBS!! they were so good!! with lasagna and salad.. good dinner..
Phil tried to fix our “pulling the trailer” problem without success.. Seems the front end is light, steering isn’t good? Trailer looks to be hooked up perfectly..  Came home Friday..
Monday took trailer to Victor in Kelseyville.. had to drive 35 mph all the way there.. scary pulling the trailer.. gotta get this fixed..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Russian Easter with Mike & Mary Ann

We have been invited several times to celebrate Russian Easter with the Mohoff’s and I do believe this was the first time we were able to make it..
We arrived on Saturday the 11th of April mid-afternoon.. No sooner did we get there and Mary Ann’s daughter Tracy and grandson Lyndon arrived! Let the festivities begin..
Both Mike & Mary Ann had been preparing for this celebration for a couple of days.. They had already prepared food by the “plenty”.
We had a casual dinner the 6 of us on Saturday evening.. And watched some TV and retired early.
Sunday morning was busy.. The 5 of them took a nice 5 mile walk while I stayed and took my time getting ready for the day.. Smile Takes me longer these days to get things done..
Wasn’t long and they were all back from their walk.. Soon dishes were in crock pots, pressure cookers, ovens, etc.. All the delightful aroma’s were so inviting..
Soon people started arriving.. Family and Friends most of Russian decent of some type.. all except us and a few other friends..
What a fun day it was!! There was lots of VODKA going around.. home made VODKA with different flavors.. and of course you just drank them as a straight shot and down the hatch! I personally had over the course of the day about 6 or so shots.. However Everett I think had slightly more.. Because I saw him looking at people with one eye open and one eye closed.. guess if he had both eyes open he saw double.. Smile 
It was a fun fun time! Thanks guys for having us!!

Russian-Orthodox Easter

Easter (russ.: Пасха [Paskha]) is in Russia the major religious celebration of the year. It is even more important than Christmas. Faithful and atheists, kids and adults, city dwellers and country folk go to church to attend the Easter Mass. Easter in Russia is a lot more than a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a long and powerful tradition that could not be eliminated even by the communists. Easter cleanses our souls and thoughts. It brings peace, joy and hope. And, of course, the Russians are looking forward to a happy family feast with lots of special Easter food like Easter bread, traditional cheese cake Paskha, Easter eggs and other tasty treats.

In Russia Easter is usually celebrated later than in the West. This happens because Easter dates are determined by different calendars. The Russian-Orthodox church uses the old Julian calendar, whereas the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Family Easter

On Saturday evening we celebrated Easter at Mike & Julia’s home in Petaluma..We also celebrated Lindsy and Mike’s birthdays.
The evening started with an Easter Egg Hunt at the house..Our grand kids were all in attendance, Colin, Gianna, Gillian and Gemma..  All the neighborhood kids were invited as well. I do believe Julia did about 300 plastic eggs for the kids to hunt for..
Mike & Julia fixed a wonder Easter dinner.. nice ham, ribs, scalloped potatoes, shrimp salad! And a lovely fruit basket cake that Jamie provided.
What a great Easter it was..

Celebrating Lindsy’s Birthday

Easter weekend! Here for the weekend festivities!
Lindsy’s birthday was actually Thursday April 2nd..
So we planned a Saturday, of wine tasting and lunch.
We left Lindsy & Chris’ house about 930am and headed over to
Viansa Winery, arrived there about 1015am or so.. Lindsy’s co-worker Omar was our server at the winery.. He was so nice and so informative about the wines!! We had so much fun with him!
This was Lindsy’s first time wine tasting..
After the winery we headed over to the
Rutherford Grill in Napa County at the community of Rutherford…We had made arrangement for Jim & Shirley to meet us at the grill..
We had a wonderful lunch! I think we all had the French dips.. They are so good!!



Saturday, April 4, 2015

Colin’s game on Friday Night Lights

Colin our grandson played under the lights on Friday night at Major Field at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma. This was the first time Colin has played baseball under the lights! Colin is 8 1/2 yrs old, plays 1st base or 3rd base.. Unfortunately his team “Unique Insurance” lost, 13-9.. They were so fun to watch!! Lots of family and friends out to watch..


Friday, April 3, 2015

Sicily’s for Dinner at Hidden Valley

Jim & Shirley’s daughter Pam is visiting here from Alaska..
We all got together for dinner at Sicily’s.. It was great to see Pam.. hadn’t seen Jim jr for awhile, so it was a nice visit.
We hadn’t seen Robbie the bartender for a year! Since the last time Pam was here! Robbie did work at the Boars Breath in Middletown previously.
It was great to see him! He is so fun! Pam was happy to see him as well as the rest of us..
We had a delicious dinner! Seemed like everyone had something different..
Poor Pam was so sick with a cold/flu.. she hung in there like a trooper!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Camp Smith at Indian Flats

Great idea Rudy & Faith came up with.. They invited us to a campout in the middle of their vineyard on a beautiful grassy knoll.
There were 5 of us rigs.. Rudy & Faith, Milt & Priscilla, Jim & Shirley, Jim & Jan and us.. We even had a couple of delightful guests!! Phil & Toni..
What a great time we had!
March 29th, 30th, came home on the 31st.. Great time..
You guys are so much fun!! All of you!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shirley’s Vasheresse 60th a the Keys Club

Ernie had planned a “surprise” for Shirley’s 60th.. However? Something happened.. so Shirley was not surprised! In spite of the “cat being out the bag”, Shirley enjoyed her “surprise 60th birthday”..
They had quite a group! All great family and friends!
Food was wonderful! Great job Andrea!! clap-animated-animation-clap-smiley



Friday, March 27, 2015

Police Officer of the Year 2014

So proud of our son in law Chris..
He was awarded Police Officer of the Year at a intimate celebration at the Elks lodge in Novato..

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dinner with Scott & Carla, Ben & Julie

Carla is great at throwing a last minute dinner party!
Weather was? a little showers, a little sun.. and lots of fun!
Everyone did their part to help with food..
After dinner we played the dice game! All I know is the house won!! Came from behind and WON!
Thanks guys had a great time!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Madness with Chuck & Judy

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
Usually Ev goes to the March Madness (basket ball lottery) at Chuck & Judy’s. This year was the first time I attended. I had a great time! Now I know what I was missing!
Chuck and Judy were so gracious! They made us feel so comfortable. Had our room all ready for us.. Smile comfy bed..
Judy made a traditional St Patrick's Day dinner, corn beef and cabbage.. yummy yummy! Some people brought some desserts to add to the dinner. We brought some awesome cheesecake.. Smile
It was great to see Kevin and Dj (Daniel) and we got to meet Dj’s girlfriend Michelle..
It was amazing how the process of the lottery/auction for the basket ball went. I kind of teased Chuck while he was auctioning off the different teams.. Smile Had a great time!
Had a good nights sleep.. Sat on the veranda in the morning and had coffee visited for a couple of hours. We then went to Mel’s and had breakfast/lunch.. Great fun!!  Thank you both for a great experience!