Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Beautiful Clear Lake, California
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Monday, October 27, 2014

4 Track’in with Pam & Doc

Whole new adventure today! We started out on our regular route we take when we leave from the house. However this time just before we got to Bartlett Springs we took the road that is to “Twin Valley”.. We must have road 25 miles west then to the south! We over looked the lake from the West end up by Upper Lake. What a gorgeous day! Fun day.. Again we road 80 miles..



Toward the end of the our ride, Ev and I decided to play in the puddles..Smile This is me below..
6 or 60 years old, whatever.. Just a bigger bike..LOL


Here’s Eveeeeeeeeeee

Evee playing in the puddles..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Party Ernie & Shirley’s 2014

Each year Ernie & Shirley with great friend Chad get more and more spectacular with throwing the best Halloween Party possible!
I am not sure how they could improve from year to year, but they do! Music was GREAT! have to get the name of that guy!
Food was over the top and delicious! Prizes?? OMG! to die for! Hand crafted by Ernie gorgeous Bird House! for BEST costume! This year was Brenda Martin “Lucille Ball” “I Love Lucy”.. she was adorable!!
600Chad & Brenda pictured above..
House is decorated to t he MAX! Shirley’s favorite holiday? You guessed it!! Halloween! She does an awesome job with all the witches, ghouls, goblins, you name it she/they has it! They are lurking everywhere!
The costumes were incredible this year.. I swear people are getting more and more creative!!
Had a GREAT time!! Thank you guys..
You do an awesome job!
We love the guests too!! Smile

Items left at Shirley & Ernie's.. Claim your stuff!! Smile
Black Sweater and nice dish with pot holder..


Milt’s 80th Birthday

We started out by visiting Jim & Shirley first before heading over to Milt’s place for his 80th Birthday celebration! (And even later in the day we have a Halloween Party to attend in Clearlake Oaks).
We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours being entertained by Jim & Shirley… Jim has just finished up their beautiful deck! More twists and turns that I would care to share.. It is wonderful! Jim is such an artist and a perfectionist! So everything is perfect.. Smile Love it!
We shared a drink or two and discussed the events that would unfold that day. Jim & Shirley are such fun people!

We arrived at Milt’s about 2ish.. a bit early thinking we were going to get a “close” parking place? However quite the contrary.. We thought we were early, however many other beat us to it!!
All was not lost.. Ev dropped me at the door and he found a place not to far away.. the day was filled with moderate showers of rain all day (much needed rain).. As we arrived indoors, the house was filled with warm and welcoming faces.. It wasn’t long and Milt was greeting us with hugs. His new girlfriend Priscilla (friend to all of us) on his arm looking so enchanted.. Adorable. Both seemed to be so fascinated with each movement of the other, a new “life”, “beginning”,  for both of them..


By now there were many familiar faces as well as not so familiar. Everyone was enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail. We had wonderful entertainment. Music by a single musician in the living area, with a voice similar to “Neil Diamond”, playing music that was soothing and comforting as people mingled around the room.
A magician at the other end of the room entraining us as if were all school aged children.. We were all so amused with the magical talents of Tom the magician! We could have all be 6 or 7 instead of 60, 70 or 80!  He was delightful!
Milt had arranged for hor’duerves to be served to his guests by servers walking amongst his guests serving delicious tid bits.. uumm yummy yummy!
Soon Milt’s birthday cake was alive with candles glistening and all were singing the cheers of celebration for his 80th! With a “swig” of wine and a big breath he blew the candles to make his wish as we do from the time we are able to do it! Only he knows the wish and it is for safe keeping.. <}

It was a wonderful party! Great people, fun times!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Indian Valley Res Ride w/Friends

Great day was had by all.. Welcome friends to a new adventure.. Keith & Mary..
There were 6 of us on a ride to Indian Valley Res.. no water, but oh well.. Fun was had by all!!

Great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80 miles later!! Smile

Friday, October 10, 2014

Evening with Andrew & Samantha

Our friends Andrew & Samantha joined us for dinner tonight here at home.. We enjoyed a wonderful pork pot roast cooked by me.. Smile and some wonderful company as well.. A short lived evening.. Samantha had work on Saturday.. Next time we will plan an afternoon. Andrew loved the way the napkins were folded, he and Ev thought they should be a “hat”..  Totally entertaining evening..

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall in the Cali Cascades/Medicine Lake

It has been another month on the move! We always try and plan a final trip of the season up at Medicine Lake.

This year was no different. Last year we were up there in mid-Oct and we got snow. So this year we planned an earlier trip. We headed out on the last day of summer 9/21.. We arrived late on Sunday afternoon at the Medicine Lake Campground. We set up.. The weather was cool but nice.


We had a nice Monday and were expecting Mike & Mary Ann on Tuesday. We fished and got our limit on Monday.. Enjoyed the day..
Tuesday we had horrible winds.. This was the day Mike & Mary Ann were to arrive. We had no cell service and we had seriously considered calling them to tell him to stay home. But there was no way.. They arrived about 4ish, got them set up and had a nice dinner in the trailer.. We would spend all meals in the trailer for the rest of the week!
The weather only got worse as the week wore on. The winds were all day Tuesday & Wednesday. Wednesday evening we had a down pour of rain that flooded a lot of the campground. Washed mud over the roads, dug deep crevasses into the earth where the water was rushing down hill.
Wednesday even though it was windy we took a drive up to the top of Mount Hoffman so M&M could see the beautiful view of the valley’s below! When we got up there the wind was even worse, but we weathered ok.. Smile


After a short rest back at camp we decided to show M&M, Glass Mountain.. We took a nice little drive, about 10 miles…

That Thursday morning early all of were up early and headed down to Adin so Ripley could get his teeth cleaned at the Vet. It was a 2 hour drive to get there. The roads were so dark and wet we had to drive slowly down the hill to the hwy.. Thursday was a decent day..
We dropped Ripley off and went down to Burney to fill with fuel.. Called Glorianne & Stan and they would meet us at the Ft Crook Museum at Fall River about 10:30.. We wanted to show M&M the museum.. They love it too..Smile 


After our tour of the museum we all wen to the new Mexican Restaurant for lunch.. Great time with our fun friends! Our visit with G&S was short, but enriching..
Soon we were on the road again back to Adin to pick up Ripley..
We were about 1/2 drive from Fall River Mills to Adin..
Ripley was done and soooo ready to get out of there! Poor little guy.. He had some “tumors” removed, one of them he had some stitches.. But didn’t seem to bother him.. he’s a trooper..

In spite of Ripley’s Ouchy, it didn’t get him down. He still took walks with us every morning.. When we went fishing, so did he.. The weather wasn’t all bad, but it was dam cold and either windy or raining.. DANG!
Mike loves to cook.. So it was nice to have our own personal “chef” while camping.. Smile He cooked as well as furnished the food!! Doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks Mike & Mary Ann.. In spite of the lousy weather, it was an adventure and we have amazing memories!!
M&M had their tent trailer.. It was amazing.. It endured hurricane winds and then torrential rains, didn’t leak and stayed in one place.. however the cold was tough for them to deal with.. I felt bad and told them a number of times they were both welcome in the trailer with us!! But they toughed it out.. Bless them both.. Love you guys!
Friday we took our little walk.. Then had breakfast (our personal chef Smile) cooked.. We then decided we needed to do some fishing.. In the afternoons and evening we played a lot of cards..
Over all it was pretty good..
On Saturday morning M&M packed up.. don’t blame them, it was freezing!! However that is also the day they planned on leaving…. I was happy that they would be sleeping in a nice warm bed on Saturday night..
After they left Ev and I did some fishing over at Bullseye.. Ev caught a few and I got skunked.. I wasn’t too interested in fishing that day.. I was so tired of being cold and wet..

Not fun camping in the bad weather.. Not complaining mind you.. we need the rain.. Just don’t like camping in it.. I had no idea there was yet another storm coming our way on Saturday afternoon.. Started raining about 4pm and didn’t stop till the wee hours of Sunday morning..
Ok.. so now we decided we needed to go home.. 5 of the 7 days we were there, was unbelievable weather for this time of the year!
By the time we packed up it was nearly noon.. We got a late start. Trying to pack up camping stuff that is wet? ICK! We should have never took the kayaks off the roof of the truck.. We didn’t use them!
We stopped at the Rolling Hills Casino and stayed all night.. Heck of a good price $25 for full hookups!! And it was nice to break up the trip.. We had dinner out that night.. did a little gambling.. but mostly rested.. We were home on Monday, Sept 29th by Noon..
This week the weather is going to be in the mid-90’s here at home!

Mt Shasta had no snow on it when we came up on the 21st, but by time we left there was plenty!
As for Lake Shasta, not nearly enough rain to make any difference. I hope this early winter weather is a tell=tale sign we will have a nice wet winter.. wishful thinking? maybe, but will keep doing those rain dances, just in case!! Smile

mtshasta 9-25-14

Mt. Shasta 9/25/14 (courtesy of Greta Colman)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Night on the town w/Rob & Gayle 9/19/14

I won some tickets on the radio to this cute little country band show called “Twang Ditty” at the Soper Reese Theatre in Lakeport.
We asked Rob & Gayle if they wanted to join us..? So they came by the house before hand had a cocktail and then we went over to
TJ’s Restaurant in Lakeport, CA. Had a nice dinner..
We had a nice little visit from Charles.. Smile We celebrated his birthday with some drinks and dinner.. He only stayed with us a short time and then went oh his way..
After dinner we walked over to the theatre to enjoy the show.
Rob & Gayle danced (pictures didn’t come out, too dark).. We stayed for most of the show, then decided to go over to the Driftwood Cocktail lounge in Lucerne where Dave & Terry were entertaining with their Grand Illusions Karaoke Show.. We had some fun there and soon we were on our way home..
A good evening had by all!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Abalone Weekend at Manchester 9/2014

Mike & Mary Ann invited us to join them in Manchester back in June for this past weekend’s abalone feed. Douglas Dive Club is from the southern part of CA. These guys travel a long ways to come to these events.The151 Dive Club from the bay area (the guys from the 151 are all pretty much retired now).
We had a musician amongst us this time. His name was Sean and he played the ‘fiddle’.. He did quite a bit of Irish music.. It was fun to have the music around the campfire at night.
The day we went to the beach we met a woman from Ireland, whom was swimming in the surf!! Burrr a bit cold, but not for her..
It’s a fun weekend! It’s mostly all about eating. Smile As you will see in the photos.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Honors in Reno Moose Conference

For those of you that know me, you know that I am involved with the Moose and have been for many years. I originally joined in 1978. I kept my due up for about 5 or so years, but then didn’t keep them up.. However then again in 1991 I joined again and have been a member ever since! that is about 23 years now..
In the recent years I have been more involved in the politics of the Moose. I have been an officer in some respect. In 2006 I was Senior Regent. Very dedicated year, but I wasn’t well supported. I did however work very hard. The “recorder” (my best advocate) died early on, sad. So I was pretty much on my own. Our lodge (men) that year got an award of being a 5 ***** Star Lodge (Men’s awards).. However, due to my ignorance of the procedures of the Women of the Moose as well as the implement of computers (moose international struggling), I had a really tough year and didn’t receive my personal honors! I worked really hard..Our Women of the Moose did really well with most everything, except for some paper work that didn’t get recorded.. Soooo and life goes on..
A couple of years ago Pam Rowland/Tina Bouse, Laura Weldy, came into the Moose and things were turning around from a long time struggling Women of the Moose. Again I was getting more involved, was an officer once again.. Chaplin I think.. then Senior Regent once again. This time I had a wonderful team of women behind me. There was Pam, Tina, Laura, and more,  and a  great team of chairman!!

This time, our team made the “award of achievement”, all our ducks were in a row!! YIPEEEEEEEEEE This is a great honor for our Women of the Moose (WOTM)! We had to exceed our membership by at least one from the previous year, have a dollar more in our money accounts than the previous year, and have all our paper work in order.. And by God, we did it!! And now as Senior Regent I was eligible for my personal honors! First “Green Cap”, that is what I received this past weekend in Reno, next I will receive my “College of Regents” in St. Louis in June of 2016. The only requirements I need to do for that is bring in 2 new members, and hold a dinner.. Smile Got it covered! And if wasn’t for all the support I had with the team of officers and my chairman, it would have never been possible!! Thanks to all of you that helped me make my personal honors! And a special Thanks to Hildagard Boardly for being my capping officers.



Pam and I went up to Reno on the 3rd and stayed at the Atlantis. Not only was it Moose Conference we are also there to have fun.. When we have these Moose Conferences or Conventions, there are lots of parties going on as well! Called Hospitality Rooms.. you will see in some of the photos “pics’ of room numbers.. “
It was a fun weekend!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rodman Slough at Clear Lake 9/1/2014

Ev and I have talked several time about going on the lake at Rodman Slough to see the nesting Grebes. They are amazing!
Please read this incredible article about our “Dancing Grebes”.
We went out today (Monday) for a few hours and took some shots of the Grebes, Pelicans, Blue Herons, White Egrets along with a variety of other birds..