Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Beautiful Clear Lake, California
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dinner with Brian & Joan 7/22/14

Impromptu dinner with friends. Known Brian for a quite a few years. Brian and Joan recently met online. A blooming new romance!! What a dear lady she is. Love that girl already!
Brian and Joan served up some very nice fish.. rockfish and cod.. yummy.. I brought the rice and salad…
Brian was serving up some Grey Goose martinis.. I had two and I am having a hard time to remember the whole evening.. YICKS! However I do remember that it took us about a half hour to get there and an hour and half to get home. Rick had brought his vehicle too and had to leave early to go do a bid on a job.. I had thought he would come back.. ? NOT..We again were driving the ‘benz’.. cute car.. Everett was driving..




Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lunch with the girls.. 7/22/14

We planned a nice luncheon with the girls!! We met at “Bob’s Burgers” on Meridian in Puyallup, WA at noon..
I picked up Suzi, Kenzie and headed up to meet Season, Ang, and Lynn… We had nice lunch with the cute “mom to be” Season (due anytime with twin boys!)
.. It was wonderful to visit with everyone! Hadn’t seen Kenzie is sometime.. She and her Mom now live in Texas.. So she is here visiting her Dad and other family for the summer..


Jesse & Teresa’s Dinner 7/21/14

We were invited to J & T’s for dinner Monday evening… I spent the morning cooking up a lemon meringue pie and some cupcakes for the kids.. uummmm.. It was quite a little drive from brother Rick’s to Jesse’s.. About 2 hours. We left about 3 and got there about 5.. We went the back way due to all the traffic that time of the day.. We had the little red car the m-benz..Smile with the top down and we were just a cruis’in.. Smile

We just had a ball with all those kids! OMG there are so many can’t keep track of them all! Teresa’s sisters were also there with their children.. Seems like the kids are all pretty close in age.. They have so much fun! Teresa’s Mom and Dad also joined us. Everyone is so sweet and nice.. You all are so wonderful! And what a excellent dinner! Love it! Thank you so much!!



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad 7/20/14

We were up bright and early on Sunday after a wonderful party the day before! Rick mentioned that we should do this train ride over in Elbe, WA about a 45 minute drive. So I booked the tickets there were 8 of us.. Janelle, Cadence, Maya, Rick, Lynn, Maddi, Evee and myself… Tickets were cheap enough.. We took the 1230pm ride. Train was cute, short ride to Mineral.. Not much to see really. We did stop in “Mineral” to view some of the other old trains.. Also an old logging camp.. Toured it for about 45 minutes.. It was fun to spend time with family..

In  the meantime Randy & Amy called and we invited them up for dinner.. So on the way home from the train we stopped at the store and picked up a few groceries..
Had a great visit over a nice dinner with friends..



Family/Friends Unite at Rick & Lynn’s 7/19/14

Janelle was so sweet to get the whole “family/friends” reunion together. We talked about 2 months ago.
The party was a success! It was a pot luck and we barbq’d chicken. I am not sure how many of us there was..but there were bunches! Some people couldn’t  make it. Summertime is a busy time with lots of people on vacation!
Our party started about 2pm.. Our party went well into the evening..
Fun time was had by all…

Friday, July 18, 2014

Columbia River Gorge Cruise


If you are ever in the area of the Mt Hood at the Columbia Gorge.. Take this delightful and enlightening dinner cruise on the Colombia River..
Click here to read about it>>

More photos below..

Hood River, Oregon

More pictures..



Columbia Gorge overlooking Hood River, OR

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diamond Lake one nights stay/Travel Day

Diamond Lake is gorgeous.. We pulled in about 7pm Tuesday evening after a very long drive from Portola this morning.. We had originally wanted to stay two nights. We found a spot after sometime driving around the campground. All the spots said “RESERVED” and either had a tag or no tag??


We finally found one that didn’t have “RESERVED” and no tag.. Smile We went to pay the next morning and the forest service person that we spoke with was so RUDE and NASTY,  She told us we would have to move that this spot was ‘RESERVED”!?? She had such a sour look on her face.. She was awful! She needed some Customer Service Skills badly! We thought it would be better to move on..While standing there a couple was going to leave early and offered us their campsite at no charge cause they had already paid and were leaving early.. and he handed me the slip of paper. The sour forest girl behind the window said I will take that and if you stay in that spot you will have to pay, those slips were non transferable!!! What a ‘BITCH”!
Packed up after a 3 mile walk waiting for the office to open, forest service hours 10-5, nice huh..

We drove all day in the HEAT to Cascade Locks here in Oregon on the Columbia River.. It was a very HOT drive.. Some places topped temps of 106! Poor truck endured. Thank God for AC in the truck.. Dogs and us were comfy.. Trucked worked hard on the long pulls we encountered on Hwy 26 west of Madras where we had a bit to eat. I also got information for a local girl who worked at the grocery story telling me that hwy 26 was pretty much straight driving..DON’T EVER ASK A 21 YEAR OLD GIRL if the road has any hills to climb! Hwy 26 is one constant HILL!! Either going up or going down! OMG thought the truck would over heat for sure.. got a bit hot, but thankfully no problems! Pretty tired of the heat.
As we came into Hood River, we could see off in the distance Kite boarding people all in the Columbia River.. so amazing.. We had to stop and check it out!! So cool!!

Hood River at the Columbia River

We met a most interesting fellow, Randy we were parked behind at the park where the kite boarding was happening. A traveler on the road for more than 20 years! He had his little truck and light weight trailer in tow. He told us about his blog, might want to check it out.. Smile>>
We are staying in the KOA here in Cascade locks.. Nice place and friendly..
This evening we are going on a River Cruise.. I hope it will be nice!!

My Recipes/

I have had several requests to post the link to my recipes page again.. so here it is and enjoy!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lake Davis with Lindsy/Chris/Colin



We had an absolutely wonderful time with our family at Lake Davis..We arrived up at the campground mid day on Friday.. It was dam HOT I gotta tell ya! and it was dam HOT the whole time we were there! We didn’t have hookups of any kind… Sad smile Thankfully we have the generator.. however it wasn’t like we could run it it night and day.. However it did help alleviate some of the uncomfortableness of the heat which were reaching temps into the high 90’s for the days we were there!! Along with the higher humidity levels as well.. dam it was so hot!.. We did the take turns for dinners each night.. We cooked two meals as Lindsy/Chris.. We also alternated 2 big breakfasts..
Last year while we visited briefly the “lake davis” bunch (at Lake Davis Resort (store) we meet a fun couple Dee & Danny.. So cute.. Love these people.. They are from Cameron Park over by Placerville.
We also had some much appreciated extra guests for one dinner, Keith & Mary Potter from our home town of Clearlake Oaks.. They too love to fish Lake Davis an come up to fish. Mary’s brother lives in Portola, so is very familiar of the fishing practices of this trophy size fish!! However this time of the year won’t probably yield trophy fish due to the extreme heat we all experienced during this time..Maybe next time.
We also had the privilege of having Chris’'’ Dad Bob with us during our whole stay at the lake.. He’s an avid backpacker and does lots of  back country trips alone..
We took advantage of the hot weather by sitting by the lake each day.. Every day was a trek down to the lake with all our “STUFF”.. lol you can only imagine.. Each morning we would take a family walk, about 2 to 3 miles each morning.. Smile Then arriving back to camp for breakfast and then off to the lake for a day on the lake.
We all enjoy each other’s company so very much!! Had a wonderful time with everyone! As always time is short!!?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fun at Tony & Tasha’s!

I left early Sunday morning 7/6 to go up to T & T’s place in Somerset. I had a stop in Sacramento to pick up some kayak racks. I arrived about 11am at the cabin. Everybody was excited to see me! As I was them. Rich & Judy’s oldest son Ricky and grandson Austin were here visiting from the Portland area of Oregon. My god Austin has grown up! Plus he is sooooooooooooo tall!! There were 9 of us staying at the cabin while I was there visiting..
It has been quite some time since I had been up to the cabin. Many changes had taken place to the cabin. All the updates were great. An extension to the second floor was made giving way to more sleeping arrangements!!
Rich, Judy, Austin  and I decided to take a drive over to Jackson for the day. Of course there were many treasures to be found. It was fun afternoon, in spite of the heat!!
Judy fixed up some corn beef and cabbage.. she does a great job with it! After dinner we continued our “happy hour”  till nearly midnight, playing cards the game of 31.
Monday was a lazy morning, everyone up late the night before.. By Noon Rich, Judy, Austin and I took a ride over to Placerville for another great shopping experience, more treasures..
No one wanted to cook that day so we went to a cute little place to have hamburgers for dinner. Again we extended our happy hour till well after mid-night. It was wonderful visit and good times were had by all!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chad turns 70

It was a hot day and the party started about 1:30. Ernie & Shirley hosted this grand event!
John Z was the selected musician for the soiree! There were probably about 40 people for the celebration. Keith was the first to go up and “roast” Chad, followed by me, then Mary and Brenda. Ev won the raffle of “how  many tootsie rolls” were in the jar.. 137.
As always more than enough food. Great time was had by one and all!
We hope you have a fun year Chad!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dinner w/Friends 4th of July

Our neighbors Ryan & Freda were up this weekend! along with some of their very nice friends, Stan & Sherry and Rick & Mary.
We wanted to have Ryan & Freda up for dinner and since they had their guest with them, we thought?? What the heck we can have the whole gang!!
We also celebrated Freda’s birthday!! Nice evening had by all!! It was great having you all here with us!!!! Thanks for all you did! Thanks to Mary, she was cleaning and cleaning.. Bless her heart.. I think she was tired by the time she left..

July 4th Celebration at Ben/Julie

GREAT PARTY AT BEN/JULIES! July 3rd were the fireworks here at Clearlake Oaks!
Lots of food, good times, good people!! Great music! Can I say more? Oh probably cause I can get pretty wordy.. Smile But instead enjoy the photos below!!

Clearlake Oaks, CA fireworks

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Butts Canyon Fire 7/3/2014

Here are some terrific photos of the fire this week at Butts Canyon Fire, north Napa County


Matthew Henderson -- Staff Photographer
Photographs from the Butts Fire currently burning in Napa County.



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sunday/Monday/Wednesday Fun w/Friends

Sunday (6/29/14) after the Dirt Ranch Party, we invited our dear friend Donnie (Gayle’s brother) from Chattanooga over for dinner. We had a fantastic visit! We don’t get to see him much as he lives so far away.

Monday (6/30/14), Our friends Gil & Christie was an impromptu dinner (last minute) and they agreed to come up.. they had sold their home here at Clearlake Oaks last summer.. So now they can come up and enjoy the lake and friends now. Instead of working on a 2nd home..
We enjoyed our visit.. We would meet them on Wednesday and go out on the lake.. Gil & Christie skied and Ev knee boarded! And I got a nice tan! Smile

Gil skiing
Christie Skiing
Ev knee boarding

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dirt Ranch Party 6/28/14

Rob & Gayle Christian had their annual “Dirt Ranch” party (a celebration of both Rob & Gayle’s June Birthday’s).
I am sure there were about 75 to 100 people this year. The weather was great! The party was a hit! Everyone had a great time!! John Z was our entertainment.. Smile Thank you again for a wonderful/fun party!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Moose Convention at Las Vegas June 2014

Ev and I left here the morning of the 17th, driving to Las Vegas. We stayed with our dear friends Mike & Maryann Mohoff in Reno over night. What a great “bed & breakfast” Smile.. The cooked us dinner and breakfast! Great friends.

We headed out on Wednesday morning driving the longest leg of our journey. It took us about 8 hours to finish up the drive.. Pleasant drive, no traffic to really speak of.. and the drive is really straight.. Desert and more desert.. The scenic places were “hey” look there is a “brothel” every hundred miles or so. We had lunch in Tonopah on the way down at the local casino on the south end of town.

We arrived at our destination about 5pm.. checked in to the resort and went and relaxed by the pool. Temps that day in Vegas were tolerable, but soon would be heating up!! Sad smile Our overall stay was a week and the temps were in excess of 100 most everyday. Morning temps were already nearly 90 degrees.. ICK!
We did our convention stuff.. Never been to Moose International Conference before, it was very educational and fun.
Pam my co-worker and friend was also at conference with her sister, Bev that was getting her award for her “College of Regents”. She was thrilled! Pam and I will be too, when we get ours!

We did go see a show at the Rio, “Rat pack is back”, probably don’t waste your money to go and see it. Wasn’t very good.
Ev and I did walk through a lot of the new casinos.. Probably shouldn’t play the machines in the Aria, they just take your money, no pay backs at all.. Sad smile, put 20 bucks in and got nothing at all! I guess this is the only way they can keep this EXPENSIVE casino to the higher standards!! YICKS! Very modern, I like the Bellagio and the Flamingo the best..
Ev and I didn’t gamble much.. We decided to do some shopping instead. Shopping in Vegas is fabulous! Well anything is better than what we have in Lake County.. Smile We didn’t leave our money on the tables in Vegas.. We left our money at the stores and got something for it!! Smile Got a visual?
Ev got a new pair of cowboy boots!! Smile What a handsome guy! Love those legs!! woo hoo!!

evs cowboy boots

We only cooked dinner once while we were at the condo.. We only had time to really sit by the pool an hour here or there.. And besides when we were at the pool we had to be in the pool most of the time.. too hot to sit and get a tan..
We left early Wednesday morning the 25th and headed home.. We stayed at our favorite bed & breakfast again with the Mohoffs! Smile We decided to stop in Hawthorne, NV to have lunch at the McDonalds there.. Hawthorne is an ammunition's area for the Air force I believe.. While at McDonalds Ev decided to play “Slim Pickins” in Dr. Strangelove and ride the “bomb”!

Ev riding the “bomb” Dr. Strangelove..

On this trip, my back was out and I got a cold.. Sad smile But managed to still have a wonderful time! Got to see long time friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time! Did some great shopping, experienced the conference, had fun with hubby! Enjoyed the beauty of Vegas lights! Fun times were had!

After leaving Mike & Maryann’s on the way home we stopped on Hwy 20 to check out some of the lakes along the way… We came upon the Editor/Owner of the “Fish Sniffer” magazine.. Him and his buddy had caught some fish and asked if we would like them. Of course I said.. Smile


We arrived home late Thursday afternoon..Fun times..