Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Beautiful Clear Lake, California
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bear Valley 4-Wheeler Ride w/Doc & Pam

What a terrific ride we had on Tuesday!! Pam asked last week if we would have time to do a quad ride on Tuesday.. woo hoo I said I am sure we can, checked with Evee and we had a date!
We didn’t take our usual ride from home here to Indian Valley Res.. We put the quads on the trailer and drove down to Bear Creek, right at Hwy 16/Hwy 20.
We started our ride about 11am.. Weather was perfect! We rode through Bear Valley, gorgeous! Probably HOT in the summer! Great day for a ride..
We went to go by Wilbur Springs.. heard that it had burned a few weeks ago, so the gate was closed and there was a no trespassing sign.. sooo? oh well we were on our way toward Indian Valley Res from a different side.
Great day! We had a nice picnic over looking the mountains! Scoped out some campgrounds, that are closed due to the drought..
Indian Valley Res is way down.. by the end of summer probably won’t be any water left in it.. Sad smile
In spite of no water in the lake, the day was wonderful! We rode for hours! We rode about 70 miles round trip.. Took us about 6 hours.
After we loaded the quads, we headed to the Moose for a “wet one”.. Smile

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Philosophical Society

Each month (second Sunday) there are a group of us from here at Lake County that we call the Philosophical Society that met for Brunch at the Riviera Hills Golf & Country Club.
We don’t do much philosophical-ling but we tell great jokes and have lots of mimosa and a great brunch! And on occasion we will get invited to a friends house to continue the party.
This particular day Jim & Jan Perry invited us to their place for wine on the patio over looking the lake! Another Great party! And a beautiful day to boot!
Thank you Jim & Jan great times were had by all!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friend Eric Bechler turns 50 Party!



One hell of a party at the Moose lodge April 12, 2014!!
Woo Hoo Eric! Nice party! Twice as Nice band played some pretty nice jazz music. Friends barb-q’ed to die for Tri-Tip and chicken and with lots of sides! Great time was had by all!
HaPpY 50th!!! Eric & Ev are doing the “Petaluma Salute”.. Smile Please don’t take offense…

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mid-week dinner with Friends..

After our terrific boat ride on Tuesday, we were up for having friends up for dinner on Wednesday evening.. Made the calls and wala! We had a nice dinner party!
We invited Scott & Carla and Ben & Julie..
We had a very nice visit and great dinner..
We had originally planned this dinner back about the first of January.. But due to a horrible cold sickness I had to call it off. It was a horrible sickness..
So finally had some terrific friends up and a very nice visit! Thanks Guys for being so patient!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


woo hooo we are back on the water once again! Long time in coming, almost a year. The old girl has her spunk back!! With lots of team work from friends! Thank you to everyone that made this old girl feel young once again! Our 1995 Dynasty open bow ski boat is once again running smooth!
Thanks to brother Rick, his friend Brandon.. Phil & Toni and their friend Jared.. Yahoo!
We took her out today (Tuesday).. We got out on the lake about 11am.. Ran the boat out across the lake, runs so smooth! Wonderful! Took a ride across over by Konocti, by the lake house and then wen to friends Scott & Carla.. Visited for a bit and then took them out for a run around the lake.. We all enjoyed it.. We toured over to the Lake house, over by Konocti and over to Buckingham.. nice..
Scott & Carla helped us load the boat up to bring her home.. aww it is nice to have her back!! Smile

Great day on the lake!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Celebrating my daughter Lindsy’s 37th Birthday

Ev & I arrived just about 4pm at Lindsy & Chris’ house. Giving us time to get settled in and change clothes before going to dinner with the whole group!
Earlier today we had district meeting at the Moose.. Thankfully it didn’t go ever time, giving us plenty of time get to Petaluma for the celebration of Lindsy’s birthday. We also celebrated her Dad’s birthday. Mike’s birthday was Sunday the 6th, Lindsy’s was the 2nd..
Good time was had by all as you can see by the photos.
After our dinner we went back to Lindsy’s and partied in the garage till the wee hours.. Making for somewhat of a long day. Sad smile But the party was fun!! Smile

On Sunday Lindsy got up and cooked us a nice breakfast. Kim spent the night. It was nice to have us “girls” all together.. Colin our grandson was thrilled his Mom made him his favorite! “PANCAKES’!
The night before I got a text message from Phil saying the boat was finished and running great!! woo hoo! So before we went home we went by Phil & Toni’s to retrieve our boat!! And thank God, Toni was back to her normal fun loving self!! It’s a Good day!
Phil is an amazing man. I don’t think there isn’t much that man doesn’t do. He straightened the fender on the boat trailer. Long story.. but now it is fixed.. His friend Jared, fixed the boat Smile all is good.. Hopefully tomorrow we will take the boat out and we will pray that all is well.. Smile 
While we at Phil & Toni’s I took a couple photos of this beautiful stove Phil is building.. wow just amazes me.. You will see it in the photos..

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Friday 4/4/2014

The day started out with Phil & Toni coming by after they looked at some homes here in the Oaks.. After for which they came by up here to see us.. Toni wasn’t feeling well, but she persevered until she just couldn’t. Poor Girl, she was on sick little gal.. We were heading to Robinsons and got as far as Lucerne and they decided they should just go on home so Toni could rest… Good Idea..
As we were coming back to the Oaks Ev and I decided to go to lunch ourselves at Happy Garden.. But we needed to kill a little time before going because “Happy Hour” at the Happy Garden started at 2pm. So we killed a few minutes walking through an antique shop..
We had a nice lunch and couple of drinks at the Happy Garden. On our way home we thought we needed to go the Brassfields and pick up our wine, we are wine club members. Bob the guy whom is our wine tender behind the bar was happy to see us. Probably a slow day, winter, some rain all day.. Yup he was happy to see us..
We had a nice time talking to Bob and tasting wine.. Nice afternoon..

After a couple of hours, we headed home. Ev kicked back in his chair.. me here at the computer.. Text comes in from Jim & Shirley, “would you guys like to join as at the Boars Breath in Middletown? Ev and I chatted about it for a few minutes and before you know we were on our way to the Boars Breath..
What a fun evening we had!! And it was also good that we went so we could also say our “good byes” to Pam, Jim & Shirley’s daughter, she was leaving early in the morning to go home to Alaska.. Love that girl!
Ended up that evening we were also joined by Rudy & Faith.. What a fun group of people!! Always cherish the fun time we have!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Walsh Family Dinner with the Swesey’s

This was going to be the first time we got to meet Pam, J & S oldest daughter. We invited them all here for dinner!!They arrived promptly at 4:30 here at house.
Pam is sooooooo cute! Adorable and fun! Just loved her! Pam lives in Alaska and is visiting.. We all enjoyed cocktails, horderves taking pictures, sharing stories, laughing and having just a wonderful get together! Our friends Jim & Shirley are so much fun! And now we have met almost all their kids! They have 4.
So far all of them are a riot and fun loving just as their parents! These people know how to have fun!!


Wasn’t long and we were all sitting down at dinner. We had such a special time with everyone! Dinner was delicious.. twice baked potatoes/green salad/artichokes/tri tip.. Apple Crisp for dessert..
We probably sat down to dinner about 7 and don’t think we left the table till well after 10! So fun!! As you can see from the photos we were all a bit nuts! Fun fun!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mid Year Moose Convention Reno

Pam Rowland and I left here about 9:30 on Wednesday morning. We drove up Hwy 20 then caught I-80 above Nevada City.

On Monday this week we had 80 plus weather here at Clearlake. This Wednesday morning we took off was raining and snowing in the mountains.. go figure?
We were lucky there wasn’t any snow on the road, just snow flurries as we headed up to the summit at Donner. As we headed down from the summit, the road became dry.. Relief set in.. We decided to stop in Truckee at a little Mexican Restaurant there, of course can’t remember the name.. but had stopped there last year on a trip we took in January when going up to Reno.
Soon we were on our way to Reno. We got to the Atlantis and got our stuff all checked  in. Pam and I then went to do some shopping.. We shopped the afternoon and then came back to the hotel and had dinner. Pam did some gambling and won quite a little.. I didn’t play much, my money was going like water.. So I went up to the room..
In the morning we had a bit to eat in the room (we brought some breakfast food). From there we decided to do some more shopping. Found a few treasures and then back to the hotel. We registered for the convention and picked up our badges..
I called Mike & Maryann and they would have me over for dinner and a nice little visit. M & M looks the same, everything was good with them. I always enjoy spending time with them.


Mike was leaving for Vegas the next morning. He gets lots of FREE stuff from them so he likes to go.. Not sure it is exactly FREE? I am sure he spends plenty..

Got back to the hotel.. did a little gambling and then up to the room..
Friday was meetings all day in the convention rooms. We saw Jana and her husband Eddy and Mary Ferrera and her husband Mike.. Ran into Earl & Mary. Friday evening Mary (not Mary F) ate dinner with us and soon after I went back to my room.. After dinner we went to the room and cleaned up and headed out for the evening..

Pam and I found a few “hospitality” rooms that evening.. We partied into the evening. Met some fun people.. Got free drinks and food. JELLO-SHOTS! We were on a roll. Not sure what time we got in.. But the next day was a bit rough on Pam.. poor girl.. I lucked out, not sure why I didn’t feel bad.. oh but I was doing fine.. Meetings again all day Saturday.
Thought it would be nice to take a Hot Tub.. Well went down to the pool area and hot tub.. tooo many kids! So went back to the room.. Showered and met Pam for dinner.. She went on to gamble, me? I went up to the room and kicked back..
Sunday we had one last meeting and we would be off for home. Snowing once again.. No snow on the road.. again we were blessed.
We stopped in Nevada City at a nice place for late lunch “Bistro 221”. Had a wonderful hamburger.. and headed up. We arrive home about 5pm..
Fun time was had by all.. Smile

Monday, March 24, 2014

Impromptu Day with Friends



We talked with Jim & Shirley about coming and taking some photos of their boat as they are putting it up for sale. So we arrived about noon. J & S served up some of those delicious Bloody Mary’s. We walked out and I took some photos of the boat.. We were all talking and we weren’t hungry yet.. So we thought we would head to Guenoc/Langtry Winery to do some wine tasting..
At the Moose fashion show the day before ran into Faith & Jan.. We told them we would be at Jim & Shirley’s on Sunday and they said they may stop in and bring refreshments with them. Sounds good..
We arrived at the winery and the wisteria was in full bloom and so fragrant! Gorgeous! We went inside to the tasting room where we met Scott. What a great host he was! He was so knowledgeable about their wines and different processes that take place..
As were tasting wine.. who should walk in?? Faith & Rudy and Jim & Jan! You would have thought we hadn’t seen each other in decades! After the “hi’s” and “hugs” we got down to some serious wine tasting. Scotty telling us wonderful stories. He was so fun! He made our experience a real joy! I am sure we were there for sometime. Scotty also took us through the vats and barrels. He also served us a barrel tasting.. thought at was pretty special! Scotty was wonderful to joke around with, he had a wonderful sense of humor!
Here we are  in the room that had the vats and barrels..

photo (2)

What a motely crew we are!! So fun!
From here we all went back to Jim & Shirleys and sat out on the deck. It was a beautiful day! Spring has sprung for sure!! We all settled in on the deck, continued to drink our wine, while Jim & Ev went to town to pick up pizza.
It was a great afternoon with our friends! We love you all! Great memories!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jim & Shirley’s 48th Wedding Anniversary

  We arrived at Jim &Shirley’s about 8am for Bloody Mary’s.
Wasn’t long and Charles came by to say “Hi” and have a bloody mary with us as well.


Wasn’t long and we were on our way.. We arrived in plenty of time for what was going to be a fun day at the Wine Train!!

We were fortunate we met up with Kats (our neighbor), he works for the wine train. He was happy to see us as we were to see him. Kats was working in the souvenir shop when we arrived. He was then going to be on the train as well serving at the wine tasting bar. Boarding the train was like stepping back in time.
Kats was amazing how he knows everything about the wine he served! We did get quite an education! It was so nice to have our own wine expert!


We met some really  nice/fun people! First we meet Nancy &Tom from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately we kind of lost each other on the train when it came time to eat..


We also met 3 ladies from Tahoe. Mother, Lanell, daughter Taylor, and friend Kelley. The more you scroll through the photos you will see how much fun we all had!


After leaving the wine train, Jim was driving. We toured Calistoga, hit a few happy hour places and then one last place in Middletown. We had such a great day! That last stop is a bit foggy.. GREENSMILESSS
if you ever take the a wine train adventure? Be fun enjoy the people around you! It is more fun to be outgoing and meeting lots of people!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dinner with the “Cruz” family

After we left John & Bette’s and headed for Stockton, we stopped and visited with Steve and daughter Kristen for a few minutes and pick up so nice lemons!! Smile We would see Steve & Family about 5 for dinner.
From there we went to Trader Joe’s and Cash & Carry to do some shopping. On Thursday I had forgotten to leave off some homemade jelly for my Aunt Aleen & Reba.. So we took a short visit back over there. She is such a treasure..
Well it is getting late in the day, we hadn’t eaten since this morning, so it was time to have a bit to eat..Stopped at Mikey “D’s” had a snack and off we went to get the motel.. and that would be motel 6.. “cheap”, but clean.. was fine for the night..
We freshened up and headed for the restaurant Shirasoni’s, it was only about a mile from the motel..When we arrived the “Cruz” family hadn’t arrived yet. Ev and I sat down and ordered a drink.. While we were waiting for the drink they all came in.. Steve, wife Raine, mother in law Karen, Morgan (her 21st birthday), her boy friend Christian, Kristen and her boyfriend Jose (his 24th birthday). We were going to celebrate all these birthdays!! Shirasoni’s is a “benihana” style atmosphere”. The cook the food on a grill in front of you while we are all seated around the grill. Smile Very good food!

We had a fun time we all had! We felt so blessed to have been part of this wonderful family! The only one we were missing was Sydney, Steve & Raine’s youngest. She was busy getting ready for a play she is doing starting next week at at her school.. Quiet the singer and actress!!

After dinner Ev, Steve and I went for an after dinner drink at “Dave Wong’s” Restaurant.. Nice place, cocktails were very reasonable!! Great evening!! Thanks for everything!! Had a blast!


Copperopolis here we come! John & Bette

See on the map below where Copperopolis is… the town is in the red square in the map below..


After a wonderful day with my Aunt and cousin, Ev and I headed to Copperopolis in the “gold country of California” where our friends John & Bette live.
We meet John & Bette in 2002 on our first outing with our at that time “new” trailer. We were at the San Simeon campground. We met briefly, like that afternoon and evening and then we were on our way the next morning. However, what transpired in that short time was a blossoming new friendship that would last! John & Bette invited us to their wedding that would take place at the Carson Inn at Carson City, NV in 6 weeks! And we arrived just in time for their wedding! And so the rest is history..
For years John & Bette have always come here to visit us and this is the first time we have been to their place.. Smile
When we arrived they both were so excited to see us!! woo hoo and us were happy to see them!
We had a nice evening just chatting away.. Bette fixed a great dinner salad with chicken and cabbage..Their home is in a sub division that everyone has acreage, not sure how much, but they are darn big lots! None of us are late nighters, so we retired about 10 to ready for the day, tomorrow!
The “boys” had their day planned.. They took a ride and went visiting.. check out this movie (this is “men” trying to take a picture”)

Bette had an event planned at the Ironstone Vineyard as a vendor. The event is “Girls Night Out”.

Girls get to sip wine snack on hor duerves and shop, can’t think of anything better myself. Bette is a “partylite” consultant. She and her girlfriend, Anita work together setting up their displays and then work the event together.. It was pretty fun, I enjoyed the afternoon and evening.. I even got to do a little shopping.. Smile


I found a very pretty necklace and bracelet.. Smile Click on link, then click catalog>>
Great Prices!!


We packed up the event and got back to John & Bette’s about 10:30pm had a glass of wine and went to bed! Long day!
In the morning we were already up and ready for the day. We were going to take a nice ride up by Bear Valley Pass (at least that is what I think it was). We would ride through Angles Camp, Murphy’s, Dorrington, Ebbets Pass on up the hill. Not much snow down low, but about 6k we started seeing signs of some snow. By the time we got to Spicer Road snow staging area, there was a nice amount of snow..

From here we went back down the mountain and stopped in at the Ebbets Pass Moose Lodge.
Cute place.. The picture below was a picture I took from the Ebbets pass Moose lodge site.. It looks prettier than the one I had… there is snow around this one!! Smile

ebbetspassmooseWe walked in and we introduced ourselves and we had a nice and warm welcome from Della the bartender. She was so sweet, she poured our drinks, brought them to us. She also turned the lights on for the shuffleboard game.. Bought a drink and then had “safe sex” with my husband.. LOL.. Just kidding..They do have a walk in “safe” with their stored liquor.. The door is a “safe” door on the door there is sign that reads ask the bartender if you would like to enter.. Della was cute.. of course Ev had to check it out. So this picture below is of Della and Ev having “safe sex” in the safe.. Guess it is one of those things, “you had to be there”. Smile



We had a fun fun day with John & Bette!! What a kick! When we got home Bette cooked up a sweet shrimp alfredo.. umm..delicious!! We continued to party into the evening.. Smile
In the morning Ev and I didn't get up too early. But got packed and ready to go. We had plans to do some shopping at Cash & Carry in Stockton and meet some friends for Dinner..
We had a great time with you both!! We will try come visit again soon!!