Beautiful Clearlake in California

Beautiful Clearlake in California
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015!!
My blog is positive, uplifting and informative about our life with family & friends. I love to cook, so you will also be blessed to have some of my secrets of cooking as well. And like our title we are full of Adventures (camping, fishing, boating, atv'in, traveling, etc..), Cuisinier (French, cook or chef) I love to cook! Concoctions (something created, could be food or most anything). Being that I am creative, you will find that throughout my life and blogging. We hope you enjoy reading about our rich and full life! Thank you and feel free to comment or just read.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookie Exchange at Gayle’s!

This is the second year that I have had the privilege to join Gayle with her Cookie Exchange!
Gayle is so entertaining.. She is so sweet and creative. She has wonderful stories she shares of Christmas’ long ago..
We always have a wonderful “dinner/snack”.. delightful really..
She buys lots of pretty flowers and has us all arrange them in unique containers.. So fun! We get to meet new people and gather with fun and creative women.. Smile  Just love this girl!

Special Friends at Christmas Time

Dear Friends, Jim & Shirley.. Invited us over for a gift exchange and dinner out at Sicily’s Italian Restaurant in Hidden Valley.. had a wonderful evening.. Smile
Love you guys!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunday Philosophical Brunch 12/14

Every month on the second Sunday we meet at the Riviera Golf & Country Club for brunch..
We have lots of fun.. Great group of people.. This month being that it is December, our group size is a bit small.. However it makes no difference how many there are.. We all enjoy the meeting..

After our meeting Ev and I did shopping for our dinner at the Moose for Monday night dinner.. Smile

Monday, December 15, 2014

Maxwell Inn @ Maxwell Gift Exchange with long time Friends..

My family that was here all this past week left early this morning to head home to Orting, WA. About 13 hour drive, if you are lucky.. Apparently they were lucky.. Smile
A few weeks ago Lynn called to let us know we had reservations at the Maxwell Inn for our annual dinner and gift exchange..
Rich drove.. His vehicle seats all of us.. and barely fits all the gifts!! Smile
Just as we were leaving from Clearlake Oaks, brother Rick was just getting home to Orting..
We arrived at the Maxwell Inn about an hour after leaving Clearlake Oaks.
The Maxwell is has been hosting our little gift exchange for a few years now. It is an old hotel with a lovely bar with taxidermy animals all over the walls.. And all of it is decorated so festively for Christmas!! Love it!

We did a our gift exchange having fun watching each person unwrap a surprise! We had a couple of cocktails while enjoying the unwrapping of gifts..
Soon we were on our way to dinner.. Seems like we sit in the very same place every year..?? We always meet the most interesting people. This year we met a bunch of cowboys on their way to “Old Mexico” to go deer hunting.. They all seemed to be having a GREAT time.. some more than others!
We brought a couple of bottles of wine to share with dinner. Dinner was fabulous! Even one better, one of the cowboys bought our dinner.. Merry Christmas to us.. Smile
Great night with Great friends! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Week Continues

Amazing week! After the “cousins’ left we did a pretty much laid back day.. Wednesday Rick & Lynn went down to Petaluma to visit long time friends Phil & Toni..
Wednesday, Suzi and I did some shopping. We also went Thrift store shopping.. And to everyone’s amazement, I found another “Christmas Tree” to add to the already 47 plus trees you can find in our house! See the “Randy” tree below.. I do believe the current count on trees in the house is 48, however I could have missed one or two?? uummm? recount I guess.. Sad smile


OMG if you had scene this tree at the thrift store you probably would have passed it up.. It was all matted and smashed! However with a little TLC this lovely “Randy” tree is flourishing!! (it’s fake).
Suzi and I had a fun day a bonding day, if you would..Smile.. We decided on having Pork Pot Roast for dinner on Thursday when Rick & Lynn returned home. In the meantime invited Lee & Laura to join us for dinner.. They love Rick.. Smile
Thursday was the biggest storm of the decade! There was as much as 8 to 9’'” inches of rain that fell, flooding everywhere around our county and nearby counties!! It was a good thing.. Our lake is now filling after a 3 year drought.. Smile
Rick & Lynn arrived home here safely.. This guy is so lucky at the casinos!! OMG! now winning even more money! Now $1500 a head! Smile 
We had a fun time with everyone that night for dinner.. Dinner was delicious..

Friday morning Rick put in a new “insta hot” water faucet for us..The other one we had broke.. This is like our 3rd one in 11 years.. ummm?
Friday afternoon was a kick back day.. we watched movies all day.. Had left over Pork Pot Roast..
Rick, Lynn and Suzi were all going to leave early in the morning Saturday..SADS Great visit! All too short.. Love you all!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Swesey Christmas Party/Linda’s 60th!

Our Christmas Party actually started on Thursday before the 6th of Dec.. We have the best friends!! Mike & Maryann, trekked all the way from Reno on Thursday with the full intentions of helping us set up!! More great friends, Phil & Toni (from Petaluma) and John & Bette (from Copperopolis)!! We shared in some wonderful dinners!! Smile
I can’t even begin to say “Thank You” for all your help, hard work and your pleasurable company!! I couldn’t have better friends!!
Thanks goes out to all our friends and family that came from long distances to be with us!!
Your pretty awesome Gail, happy you got to eat dinner with us the  night before the party.. :
Amazing Amazing!!!

Not only did we have this wonderful Christmas/60th Birthday party..
I had the biggest surprise of my life!! OMG! I was so surprised when my brother Rick came in as Santa Claus (didn’t’ know it was Rick) and I was wondering who the heck that was, until he pulled the white beard down..And then two of my favorite sister-in-laws(only ones I have Smile) Lynn and Suzi were here!! Oh and then the tears were flowing!!
Then it wasn’t another 25 or 20 minutes and my cousin Randy and his wife from WA also walked in and then my other cousin Dawn from Denver came in!! OMG! I was sooooooooooo happy! Can’t find words to say how I felt! Warm and fuzzy with lots of tears!!
I have such a fabulous loving family! They are the BEST ever!!
Thank you all for being here and sharing in my 60th birthday celebration!! I love you all!!!!
With all the family that was here, I hope no one felt as if I ignored them!! I just hope you all had as great an evening as I did! Because if it wasn’t for all my friends that are always a constant in our lives, I would be lost with out you! Thank showing your support and hope you had a BALL!!
Our friends Dave & Terry provided the Karaoke for the evening.. A great big SPECIAL THANKS goes out to them! You were wonderful!! Thank you for making things lively!!
I am putting all the photos into one big you might have to save them and come back to them later!!
Merry Christmas to you all!! Happy New Year!!
Hope to see some of you at the Crab Feed in Eureka in January!!
Love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said our Good byes to some of guests from the previous nite at the Moose lodge breakfast!! You all are awesome!! How did we become so blessed!
My cousins all went home on Tuesday after the party.. Too short of visit for their first time here! Had a ball..
Brother Rick and my two sister-in-law’s Lynn and Suzi all left on Saturday the 13th.. Love ya!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Family Week!

Oh what a week!! We crammed everything we could in just a few days! After the party on Saturday night, there was Sunday a very long day. We didn’t get much sleep as you can well imagine.. Sunday morning when I woke we had people all over the place sleeping! Smile You know it was a great party when you have people all over the place sleeping!! What a site!
I’ll skip those pics..
As soon as everyone was moving around we got ready and went to the Moose for Breakfast. I am sure there were about 15 or so of us.


After breakfast most of went back up the house and hung out and cleaned up from the night before. We had a nice day visiting catching up on everyone’s lives. Sister Kim even stayed an extra day so she could visit with her cousins!
Dinner of course was left over tacos from the night before.

Monday we had crab omelets for breakfast.. yummy.. After breakfast we all decided to go wine tasting up to Brassfields!
Had a fun time! This was Lisa’s first time to go wine tasting! I am happy we picked such a beautiful winery for her first time.
The time passed quickly and soon Everett, Rick and Kim were on the road to Petaluma. Kim had to work on Tuesday, so she needed to get home.


In the meantime Dawn, Randy, Lisa, Lynn, Suzi and I took a drive about half way around the lake. We headed toward Upper Lake, went to the Blue Wing for a snack and walked through some of the few shops that were left there.
From here we went over to Lakeport and went to a thrift store, only to find just a few treasures..From here we went to the Running Creek Casino where we would meet up with Rick & Ev for dinner.
Rick being the gambler he is (not really) he had to play the machines.. Well it paid off! He hit the machine for about $900 big ones! Dinner obviously was on him.. Smile Had such a wonderful day!!!


Tuesday morning the “cousins’ all had to go home.. Sad smile We all shared in a last hurrah breakfast.. Soon they were on their way.. No one really wanted to say good bye..
This was the BEST birthday I have ever had! Thankfully I have great memories!! Love you all!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Moose in Lewiston, CA

I am pretty sure we planned this trip to the Moose lodge at Lewiston, CA for about a year.
Pam/Doc, Lee/Laura, Jim/Shirley and us. We had other friends (Wendel & Terry) that were on their way, but the motorhome broke down in Redding! And then they ended up going home for Thanksgiving.
We arrived in Lewiston on Monday before Thanksgiving.


Weather was nice, but knew it was going to change toward the middle of week.
Dave the administrator was a dear man. He was the person in charge of trying to keep the campground reservations so no one would do with out! He did an amazing job! Dave made us all feel welcome! What a fun lodge Lewiston, CA! Everyone was so friendly making you feel like you belong!!
Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday meals were being served at the lodge. I cooked a couple of the nights and had everyone in with us.. Pot luck kind of nights..
Tuesday, Doc & Pam and us took a ride to Weaverville and check out the Thrift store and other boutique type stores.. Found a few treasures..

Wednesday we hung out around camp and the Moose.
Jim and Shirley were going to arrive this evening with their Motorhome.. they missed the turn to Lewiston, however Ev and I found them and brought them in!! Smile
We enjoyed a nice campfire with some other campers one evening.

We also meet our next door neighbor Tom & Jeanne from Redding area.. Nice people!!

P1010091Tom & Jeanne are the couple to the right..

We enjoyed a fun evening with everyone in our trailer for dinner!!

Thursday we ate dinner with about 150 people at the Moose Lodge. What a wonderful dinner it was!! After our lunch/dinner we all retired to our rigs for a nap..



Friday was another day at Weaverville shopping for treasures!!
Found more stuff..

Saturday morning Jim & Shirley took off.. Shirley was coming down with something, so it was good for them to go home..
About 11am on Saturday morning we were escorted through the fish hatchery at Lewiston Lake, by a wonderful hostess Amy.. What a darling women she is.. Young and mother of 2 and works at the Moose as a volunteer bartending and her day job as a hatchery worker..

Saturday evening was the Bridge lighting and fireworks, setting off the Christmas season in full swing! Fireworks were spectacular! The weather was drizzling, but we had rain coats and umbrellas.. It was a beautiful display.. Fun time had by all..
Most everyone else headed home on that Sunday morning..

What a fantastic time we all had! Thanks to everyone!!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy 6oth Birthday to Linda

Truly we are blessed to have such wonderful friends! We have such a wide array of all kinds of people from all different walks of life. Just amazing people all of them!
Our special and amazing friends Jim & Shirley treated us to a wonderful and fun lunch at Happy Garden!
Jim & Shirley came by about noon thirty (Smile) on Friday.. We had some wine and a couple of cocktails here before heading down to the Happy Garden here in Clearlake Oaks.
We enjoyed a few drinks and saw and meet some fun people at the bar.. So fun! Just a GREAT day all around!
I received a beautiful gift of a Phalaenopsis Orchid and some truly unique Martini glasses! Fun fun Fun!!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to me.. :) with friends..

Had a night out on the town with friends on Thursday night.. Gayle & Rob Treated us to dinner at the Running Creek Casino and invited some pretty special friends too!! Pam & Doc, Lee & Laura, Charles & Bobby..
Lynn & Larry couldn’t make it, however they got me a special wine glass with the number “60”.. Smile
Pam & Doc gave me an afghan Pam made for me..
Gayle & Rob bought our dinner at the casino and gave me a little Turkey Pie Vent (how to use pie vent), adorable and very unique! Charles & Bobby gave a beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid and sang Happy Birthday to me on his knee Smile (Marilyn Monroe version)..Lee & Laura gave me a quite unique gift as well.. a bobber ice chest!! SmileThank you all for making my 60th Birthday special!! Love you all!